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Mid Century Modern Wallpaper

January 5, 2023

Mid century modern wallpaper is a great way to bring a splash of colour into your home. These days, it's all about geometric patterns. They're trendy and complement the look of most rooms. Adding bold artwork is also a good idea. Using peel and stick wallpaper is another good option. Lastly, you can buy vintage inspired prints.

The chevron pattern is perfect for a modern or retro-inspired home. It's available in two colors, and it works well with cool retro colors. You can also get this design in silver and gold. Another option is to get a patterned white and gray wall paper. This looks great in the kitchen, or in a bedroom.

If you're looking for a more classic design, try an olive-colored oval wallpaper. This will add a touch of color to your study or bedroom.

Another good choice would be a broken circle design. It's available in silver or gold, and it features starburst stars. Use it in your baby's nursery or in any room of your house.

Another great option is a bee-inspired wallpaper. Spoonflower has a great selection of mid-century wallpaper designs. Some of their best designs are the Corrigan Honey Bee Wallpaper, which features bright yellow bees.

If you are on a budget, you can buy an inexpensive, removable wallpaper from Pickwick and Elm. The removable wallpaper is ideal for dorm rooms, or for rental homes. It also gives new life to old furniture.


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