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Leaf Filter Cost - How Much Does a Leaf Filter Cost?

February 29, 2024

leaf filter cost

LeafFilter provides an advanced debris-blocking gutter system backed by a transferable lifetime warranty and offers free in-person consultation to assess and quote for the appropriate system.

Due to not providing their pricing online, customers may need to negotiate the initial quoted price; many have reported feeling as though it was overstretched initially. They do provide year-round 10% discounts for seniors and military personnel, however.


LeafFilter uses a micro-mesh screen that protects your gutter system by filtering out debris and eliminating the need for frequent cleaning. Installed on top of existing gutters, LeafFilter works alongside their core functionality - channeling water away from home foundation. In contrast to hood-style guards that install under shingles that void warranties.

LeafFilter's stainless steel mesh and uPVC frame combine durability with corrosion resistance to offer exceptional resistance, as well as withstanding pine needles, shingle grit, and other debris weight. Furthermore, its unique curved hood design and liquid adhesion principle direct leaves and debris to fall to the ground while drawing water into its gutter system; additionally it can be installed at an angle to shed debris while accepting water into it - making this filter an excellent option for homeowners seeking to reduce cleaning schedules.


Maintaining clear gutters can be a time-consuming endeavor, involving climbing a ladder and clearing away leaves and twigs from them with an auger or scooper. While this task can be taxing physically, keeping gutters clear saves your home from overflowing or clogged gutters that could potentially cause irreparable damage to it.

LeafFilter's micro-mesh screen and built-in 11-degree pitch work together to reduce the amount of debris entering gutters, thus decreasing maintenance needs and providing more free time in your day. By eliminating daily gutter cleaning chores with this system, LeafFilter saves time while making life simpler!

Although LeafFilter significantly reduces the need for regular gutter cleaning, it does not eliminate it altogether. Therefore, it's still wise to regularly inspect your gutters for signs of clogs or damage following heavy storms or winds.


Leaf filters eliminate the need for gutter cleaning, an often time-consuming and hazardous task. By doing so, they reduce costs associated with hiring professional cleaners as well as potential home damage due to clogged gutters. Furthermore, leaf filters extend your gutter system's lifespan by protecting against water damage and saving on repairs costs.

Gutter guards like LeafFilter are constructed from stainless steel and feature hidden structural hangers that connect their gutter cover directly to the fascia board, adding stability. Available in multiple colors and styles for an improved curb appeal experience, LeafFilters may cost more than other gutter covers but still may provide the protection necessary.

LeafFilter prices depend on several factors, including home size and location. Their sales representatives provide you with a detailed estimate after inspecting gutters and roof, financing options can help reduce upfront costs as well as flexible maintenance schedules; however, some customer reviews criticize high pricing plans or lack of flexibility from maintenance schedules; you can sidestep such issues by choosing a company with reasonable pricing structures and knowledgeable sales reps.


LeafFilter stands apart from DIY gutter guards found at home improvement stores by providing an extended lifetime transferable warranty to cover their product if ever it clogs or overflows, promising either replacements or refunds based on material purchase price.

Beginning their installation process with a free inspection of existing gutter systems, the team at this company offers free gutter inspection services that include looking for any areas requiring repair or replacement as well as making sure gutters are pitched and sealed properly for long-term performance.

Customer reviews of LeafFilter generally praise its comprehensive inspection process, high-quality products and professional sales representatives; however, many reviews mention that its quotes are higher than anticipated and need to be negotiated down; many Trustpilot reviewers have reported haggling as being effective way of saving up to 20% off of project costs! If shopping for gutter guards yourself, try haggling over pricing before agreeing on an estimate; many Trustpilot users have reported this can save considerable money when haggling is employed properly.


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