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Kubota B3350 Problems: Common Issues and Troubleshooting Tips

October 10, 2023

Kubota B3350 Problems: Common Issues and Troubleshooting Tips

Starting Problems

If you've been experiencing difficulties starting your Kubota B3350, you're not alone. This common problem can have various causes. One possible culprit is a drained or faulty battery. Check the battery connections and ensure they are clean and tight. If the battery is old or damaged, consider replacing it. Another potential issue could be a faulty starter motor or solenoid. In such cases, it's recommended to consult a professional mechanic to diagnose and resolve the problem.


Overheating is a common issue with the Kubota B3350, especially if it's being used for prolonged periods or in demanding conditions. One cause of overheating may be a clogged or dirty radiator. Inspect the radiator and clean any debris or buildup. Additionally, ensure that the cooling fan is functioning properly. If the problem persists, it's advisable to have the cooling system checked by a qualified technician.

Hydraulic System Troubles

If you're encountering problems with the hydraulic system of your Kubota B3350, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take. Firstly, check the hydraulic fluid levels and ensure they are at the recommended level. If the fluid is low, top it up. Additionally, inspect the hydraulic hoses for any signs of leaks or damage. Tighten loose connections and replace any faulty hoses as necessary. If the issue persists, professional assistance may be required to diagnose and repair the problem.

Transmission Difficulties

Experiencing issues with the transmission of your Kubota B3350 can be frustrating. One potential problem could be a slipping clutch. If you notice a decrease in power when engaging the clutch or difficulty changing gears, the clutch may need adjustment or replacement. Another common transmission issue is difficulties in shifting gears. This may be due to an improper gear shift adjustment or a faulty gear shift lever. Consulting a qualified technician can help identify the specific cause and resolve the problem.

Poor PTO Performance

If the power take-off (PTO) is not performing as expected on your Kubota B3350, there are a few troubleshooting tips to consider. Firstly, ensure that the PTO shaft is properly aligned and engaged. Check for any debris or obstructions that may hinder the PTO's operation. It's also crucial to verify that the PTO clutch is in good condition and engaging smoothly. If issues persist, a professional inspection may be necessary to determine and address the underlying problem.


While the Kubota B3350 is a reliable machine, it's not immune to common problems. Starting issues, overheating, hydraulic system troubles, transmission difficulties, and poor PTO performance can all arise. By following the troubleshooting tips provided, you can identify and address these problems promptly. Remember, when in doubt, it is always advisable to seek assistance from a qualified Kubota mechanic to ensure proper diagnosis and resolution.


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