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Kong's Kitchen in Hong Kong

February 13, 2024

Hong Kong food is an array of traditional fare, gastronomic gems and unabashedly innovative creations that will have you salivating with delight. Unfortunately, many street vendors and markets that once lined Hong Kong streets are now disappearing due to sanitation concerns and land prices increasing as condo developers take over these spaces to build condos instead.

Restaurants play an increasingly essential role in supporting the city's hawkers, who rely heavily on them for survival. Kong's Kitchen, situated on the second-floor of an apartment building near one of its largest maternity hospitals, is such a restaurant.

Jian Bing (), which features deep-fried dough stuffed with mashed pork lard and sweet winter melons, quickly became one of the most beloved and filling dishes available to customers. Customers love the combination of flaky dough with firm yet chewy filling that keeps coming back for more.

At Master Kong Hawthorne's Kitchen in Atlanta, they serve an assortment of popular dishes, such as Chinese potstickers which can either be pan-fried or steamed; goubuli (), which combines stir-fried vegetables and pork; they also offer local beers; however one thing I wish they did to improve would be expanding their beer selection - as this location does not feature a full bar service.


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