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Kitchen Sink Won't Drain Not Clogged? Here's How to Fix It.

June 8, 2023

Kitchen Sink Won't Drain Not Clogged? Here's How to Fix It

Having a kitchen sink that won't drain can be frustrating. It's even worse if you've tried to fix the clog and everything seems clear. When this happens, it's time to look at other reasons why your sink might not be draining. Here's what to do:

Check the Disposal

Many kitchen sinks have a garbage disposal unit that can cause a blockage. If the disposal isn't working, then the water won't drain. First, make sure that the disposal unit is turned on. If it is, then try to reset it. Push the reset button on the unit and see if that fixes the problem. If the disposal still isn't working, then you'll need to call a professional.

Clean the P-Trap

The P-trap is a bend in the pipe underneath the sink. It's designed to prevent sewer gases from coming back up through the sink. Unfortunately, the P-trap is also a common location for clogs. Like a clog, a buildup of debris can cause the P-trap to become blocked, leading to a sink that won't drain. To clean the P-trap:

  1. Place a bucket underneath the pipe to catch any water
  2. Loosen the nuts that hold the P-trap in place
  3. Remove the P-trap and clean it out
  4. Reattach the P-trap and turn on the water to see if the sink now drains

Check the Vent

Kitchen sinks have a vent that runs up through the roof. The vent allows air to circulate through the drainage system, preventing water from getting trapped. If the vent is blocked, then the sink won't drain properly. This is because the water is having trouble flowing through the pipes. To check the vent, you'll need to go onto the roof and look for any signs of debris buildup.

Final Thoughts

If your kitchen sink still won't drain after trying these steps, then it might be time to call a professional. They'll be able to diagnose the problem and suggest the best course of action. In the meantime, try to avoid putting any large or sticky items down the drain. Also, don't use chemical drain cleaners, as they can cause damage to your pipes.


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