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Jonah's Kitchen in Santa Monica

March 15, 2024

Santa Monica's beachy dining scene now includes Tulum-inspired, celeb hangout, Jonah's Kitchen. Renowned private chef Jonah Johnson brings worldly, flavorful cuisine from his star clients like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Tobey McGuire to his restaurant with an emphasis on healthy eating with traditional wood fire techniques.

His menu draws upon experiences from across Latin America as well as from those of family and friends from Argentina, India, Korea, Italy and beyond - making his dining room feel more like home for guests.

Visitors are welcomed by lush tropical landscaping, an open kitchen featuring a wood fired grill, and a bar offering stunning ocean views. The atmosphere is relaxed yet intimate - an ideal setting for romantic dates or simply unwinding while sampling delicious cuisine!

This menu combines Latin dishes prepared with California healthy mindset and Caribbean and Asian spices. Johnson draws his inspiration for creating it from his love of travel and passion for traditional wood fire cooking methods; these elements come together with his culinary expertise as he works closely with nutritionists to source high quality ingredients.

Johnson loves alpaca carpaccio because "it is something special". Additionally, he's proud to provide an extensive selection of wines, some from his personal cellar.

On entering, the restaurant exudes with aromas of herbs and spices, creating an inviting ambiance complete with cozy bar seating and ample seats to sit down at.

Jonah's offers four intimate private dining rooms to provide guests with a more memorable dining experience, each equipped with comfortable furniture, soft lighting and an attractive fireplace.

Service was professional yet friendly without being overwhelming; waiters were knowledgeable of both menu and wine list; atmosphere was welcoming; staff enthusiastic about serving delicious food and drinks they truly believe in.

Visit Jonah's Kitchen is an experience not to be missed! This restaurant provides the perfect spot for diners to feast, drink and take in Whale Beach views - only minutes away from Douglas Park by car and seaplane from Rose Bay! Bring friends or the entire family - regardless of taste - they're all guaranteed to leave feeling satisfied - we guarantee it!


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