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How to Use a Vinyl Plank Cutter

June 6, 2023

Installing vinyl plank flooring requires cutting the planks precisely and knowing how to arrange them to ensure a precise installation process of your new floor covering system. Knowing this information is crucial if you wish to achieve an easy and precise installation experience for yourself.

To cut a vinyl plank, first measure its width and mark it with a straight edge. Using a box cutter, score across its length until it breaks into two parts.

Tile Cutter

Cutting vinyl tile with a utility knife is straightforward, and you can employ similar steps when cutting vinyl planks. Begin by marking your cut line on the decorative side of the tile with a pencil, then use a tape measure to determine its length before taking your knife to work!

A table saw is an invaluable tool when it comes to cutting vinyl planks, especially for making longitudinal rip cuts of material and crosscuts that shorten them for tight spaces.

This compact tabletop wet saw from SKIL works great with vinyl planks and is less costly than renting traditional tile cutters. Featuring an integral miter square for cutting bevels and angles easily with the saw, as well as a water reservoir to keep blade cool and clean, this wet saw can make cutting vinyl planks easy and inexpensive.

Circular Saw

Circular saws are versatile tools capable of handling an array of projects. Before purchasing one, it is important to identify exactly what will be cut with it in order to choose an appropriate blade and set up your saw safely. Always wear eye protection while operating power tools of any sort and take particular care not to get your hand near its blade while it's being used.

Circular saws are available both as corded plug-in models and cordless models powered by batteries, with both styles offering equally reliable results. Cordless models tend to be lighter and easier to handle; those designed specifically with user convenience in mind typically include an easy-to-read depth scale and positive stops at common angles with an adjustment mechanism to change bevel angle of blade blade. The best models should offer features like easy bevel angle adjustment as well as positive stops that prevent accidental cuts at different depths during cuts.


A jigsaw can make quick work of intricate cuts around pipes or doorjambs, and is ideal for cutting boards to width. However, its use for rip cuts is less reliable.

The Jigsaw Strategy is an effective cooperative learning method, even when students cannot work together due to other circumstances. It helps students grasp material more quickly while giving each student a sense of ownership; building self-esteem while simultaneously encouraging communication, discussion and problem-solving. Furthermore, teachers can spend more time engaging directly with their class rather than lecturing on an issue.

To implement the Jigsaw method, divide your class into expert groups of four to six learners and assign each of these expert groups a selection of reading material on a similar subject. After they finish reading, students meet back up as experts within their expert groups to share what they learned; experts then combine their information into one task as a group - for instance if your topic was the Black Death in Europe, each expert group might produce posters showing four reasons for its outbreak.

Utility Knife

This knife can help you cut vinyl planks without needing a table saw, though it isn't the ideal tool for creating rip cuts - so for that task it would be wiser to invest in a sharp utility knife made with quality material for optimal results.

This tool features an extremely durable construction made of zinc alloy. Additionally, it comes equipped with five extra blades for your convenience - its SK2 slotted blades can be set at 45 degrees for clean cuts. Furthermore, its operation does not require any power source!

Retractable blades of this knife make it useful for cutting materials such as drywall, paper, rope and twine and fiberglass insulation. In the kitchen it makes an excellent option for tasks like chopping vegetables or peeling fruits as it's more precise than chef's knives while faster than paring knives.


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