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Friends Apartment Floor Plan

May 1, 2023

The Iconic "Friends" Apartment Floor Plan

If there is one TV show that has left a lasting impact on pop culture, it is undoubtedly "Friends." The show, which aired from 1994 to 2004, follows the lives of six friends living in New York City. One of the most memorable aspects of the show is undoubtedly the apartment that the main characters live in. The "Friends" apartment has become an icon in its own right, and its floor plan is still sought after by fans of the show. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the floor plan of the "Friends" apartment.

The Exterior of the Building

Before we delve into the interior of the apartment, it's worth noting the exterior of the building that the characters lived in. The exterior shots of the building were filmed at a real apartment building located at 90 Bedford Street in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan. The building is a residential co-op and is now a popular tourist attraction, thanks to its association with "Friends."

The Living Room

The living room of the "Friends" apartment is perhaps the most iconic room in the entire TV show. This is where the majority of scenes take place, and it's where the six main characters spend a lot of their time. The living room is a large, open space that is decorated in a bohemian style. There are three windows that overlook the street outside, and a large sofa that the characters sit on to socialize.

The Kitchen

The kitchen in the "Friends" apartment is located just off of the living room. It is a small, compact space that is well-equipped with modern appliances. There is a stove, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a sink. The kitchen is separated from the living room by a countertop, which also acts as a breakfast bar.

The Bedroom

There are two bedrooms in the "Friends" apartment, and they are both located down a hallway that leads off of the living room. The characters do not spend as much time in the bedrooms as they do in the living room, but they are still an important part of the apartment. The bedrooms are both decorated in a similar style to the living room, with eclectic furnishings and bohemian touches.

The Bathroom

The bathroom in the "Friends" apartment is located between the two bedrooms. It is a small, functional space that is equipped with a toilet, a sink, and a bathtub. The bathroom has a slightly more traditional design than the rest of the apartment, with clean white tiles and a simple color palette.


The "Friends" apartment is one of the most iconic TV sets of all time, and its floor plan has become an object of fascination for fans of the show. The apartment itself is a reflection of the characters who lived in it, and its eclectic, bohemian style perfectly captured the spirit of the 1990s. While the show may have ended over a decade ago, the "Friends" apartment continues to captivate audiences all over the world.


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