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Feng Shui Office Layout With Window

January 22, 2024

feng shui office layout with window

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that emphasizes harmony and productivity, helping you unleash creativity while replacing midday slumps with consistent surges of energy. However, creating an office layout with positive feng shui energy flow may prove challenging in environments with windows.

Windows are often seen as symbols of vitality and energy; however, their placement directly in front of your desk can hinder its flow of chi. For optimal feng shui desk placement, opt for the command position - this allows you to monitor everyone entering and leave the room - but if that's not an option use feng shui remedies to make the best out of less-than-ideal conditions.

As a general guideline, it is generally best to avoid placing your desk directly opposite of a door as this creates an opening in security and causes constant movement that distracts from work. Diagonally placed desks may still benefit from positive energy from this arrangement. If working in an office with windows nearby, place plants or Chinese screens between your desk and its entrance so as to absorb any energy coming through the windows and dissipate its energy into something productive for work.

Feng shui offices aim to foster an environment conducive to positivity and productivity, so it's crucial that you pay close attention to the colors, materials and textures you use - for instance brown wood desks symbolize stability while glass ones suggest fragility. When creating your workspace in this way try adding elements of water or metal for maximum clarity and focus.

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