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Dream Home Makeover Net Worth - Liz and Neil McGee

January 17, 2024

liz and neil dream home makeover net worth

Shea and Syd McGee, stars of Netflix's Dream Home Makeover show, are an unparalleled home renovation force. Studio McGee specializes in remodeling homes for homeowners across the nation, which makes them highly sought-after professionals in their industry.

Since 2014 when their firm first opened for business, The McGees' firm has seen tremendous success - amassing millions in bank accounts along the way. Over time they've built it all up, though their journey hasn't always been smooth sailing.

Though their schedules can be hectic, the couple remains committed to family life. They share two children - a daughter and son - as well as travel experiences focused around historic events. Furthermore, they enjoy cooking from Betty Crocker cookbooks as well as spending time at the beach.

Though renowned celebrity couple, this couple remains active on social media by regularly updating fans with updates regarding both their work and personal lives. Photos of work projects often make their way onto their timeline, alongside information regarding details regarding personal matters.

Dream Home Makeover's most recent episode debuted on December 9, with Shea and Syd working on a primary suite remodel for Liz and Neil in Utah where the Studio McGee team operates from. Additionally, Shea and Syd operate their own lifestyle website where they post frequently about what their designers have been up to; these posts offer viewers an inside peek into what their designers have been working on!

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