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Creative ways to display family photos on walls

April 19, 2023

Creative Ways to Display Family Photos on Walls

Family photos are one of the best ways to showcase memories and happy moments with loved ones. Displaying them on walls can add a personal touch to any room and create a warm ambience. However, simply hanging them up in a straight line can be boring and uninteresting. Here are some creative ways to display family photos on walls.

1. Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great way to display a collection of photos in a unique and interesting way. It involves grouping together multiple frames, sizes, and styles to create a cohesive display. To create a gallery wall, choose a central point on the wall and work outwards. Mix and match different frame sizes and orientations to create a visually pleasing display. A gallery wall can be done in any room in the house including the living room, bedroom, or hallway.

2. Shelves

Shelves are a practical and stylish way to display family photos while also adding some extra storage to a room. They can be used to showcase a collection of photos, books, and decorative accessories. There are many different styles of shelves, from floating shelves to built-in shelving units. To display family photos, create a mix of frames and other decorative objects and place them on the shelves in a balanced and aesthetically pleasing way.

3. Photo Ledges

Similar to shelves, photo ledges are narrow shelves that are specifically designed for displaying photos. They are a great option for those who don't want to commit to a full gallery wall. Photo ledges can be used to display a collection of framed photos, or can be mixed with other decorative objects like flowers and candles. They are also easy to change and update as your family grows and your photos change.

4. Hanging Clips

Hanging clips are a contemporary and minimalist way to display family photos. They involve using clips to hang photos from a string or wire that is attached to the wall. Hanging clips can be used to create a simple yet eye-catching display of family photos. They also make it easy to swap out photos as needed, and are a great option for a variety of different styles and spaces.

5. Photo Mobile

A photo mobile is a unique and creative way to display family photos in a child's room or playroom. It involves hanging photos from a series of strings or wire, creating a mobile-like display. Photo mobiles are a fun and playful way to showcase family memories and can be made using a variety of different materials like fabric, paper, or metal.

6. Windowpane Collage

A windowpane collage involves using an old window pane to create a unique and rustic display of family photos. Simply place a collection of photos behind the glass panes and hang the window pane on the wall. This type of display adds a vintage and nostalgic touch to any room and can be used in a variety of different styles and spaces.


Q: How many family photos should be displayed on a wall?
A: The number of photos to display on a wall depends on the size of the wall and the overall aesthetic you're going for. For a smaller wall, it's best to keep the number of photos to just a few, whereas with a larger wall, you can display a larger collection.

Q: What type of frames should be used for family photos?
A: Any type of frame can be used for family photos, including classic wooden frames, sleek metal frames, or ornate gold frames. The choice of frame depends on the overall style and aesthetic of the room.

Q: How can family photos be protected when displayed on walls?
A: To protect family photos when they're displayed on walls, use UV-protective glass in frames, avoid hanging them in direct sunlight, and make sure they're securely attached to the wall to prevent them from falling and becoming damaged.

Q: Can multiple styles of frames be used in a gallery wall?
A: Yes, multiple styles and types of frames can be used in a gallery wall to create a more eclectic and unique display. Just make sure the frames complement each other and the overall aesthetic of the room.

Q: What is the best way to align photos in a gallery wall?
A: To align photos in a gallery wall, use a level to ensure that they're all straight and parallel to each other. It's also important to leave some space between each photo to create a balanced display.


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