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Contemporary bedroom design: How to create an ultra-modern sleeping space.

March 4, 2023

Contemporary bedroom design is all about creating an ultra-modern sleeping space where simplicity meets elegance. It is a style that encompasses a variety of design elements, from neutral colors to minimalist furniture, geometric patterns, and innovative materials. If you're looking to update your bedroom, here's how to create an ultra-modern sleeping space.

Color palette

The color palette is an essential element when designing a contemporary bedroom. Neutral colors such as white, gray, beige, and black are the primary colors used in modern design. A neutral color scheme creates a sophisticated look, making it easier to add bold accents or pieces of furniture. Bright colors are used sparingly, mostly seen in artwork, throw pillows, or a single piece of furniture to add an element of interest.

Furniture selection

Modern furniture is characterized by its simplicity, clean lines, and unadorned surfaces. Minimalism is a key feature of contemporary design, so always choose functional furniture over ornamental pieces. Platform beds, low-profile sofas, and streamlined dressers are examples of modern bedroom furniture. Incorporating a statement piece, such as a unique headboard, or a bold designer lamp, can add interest to an otherwise understated design.


Lighting is a crucial aspect of modern design, and it is essential to choose fixtures that are both beautiful and functional. Contemporary spaces often feature minimalism in the lighting department as well, with hidden LED lighting or geometric-shaped fixtures that blend in with the surroundings. Soft, diffused lighting is the best option for a bedroom, and it can be layered with multiple light sources to create the perfect ambiance.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are often overlooked but are essential to achieve a contemporary look. Hanging simple curtains or blinds in a neutral color or a geometrical print can give a modern edge to the space. These window treatments should be practical and functional, and they should work to enhance the natural light.


Accessories are the finishing touch that brings personality to a space, lightening it up or adding warmth. For a contemporary bedroom design, less is often more. Keeping the room organized with a few decorative items, geometric or abstract art, and minimalist decorative pillows and throws will create a luxurious feel. A single piece of oversized art adds instant glamor and interest to a space, while a sculptural accent piece can add an element of texture and interest to your design.


Flooring is an essential part of a modern design, and it should be simple and practical. Hardwood or concrete floors are perfect for a contemporary look, and they can be either painted or stained in a neutral color that complements the palette of the room. Rugs can be added if you need to add warmth or texture to the space. Choose rugs with bold patterns or geometric designs to add visual interest to your ultra-modern sleeping space.


Creating an ultra-modern sleeping space can be achieved by paying attention to the essential elements of contemporary design. Neutral colors, clean lines, minimalism, and innovative materials are the trademarks of modern spaces. By following these tips, you can create a bedroom that is clean, simple, and elegant, perfect for attaining the Zen-like beauty of a contemporary bedroom design.


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