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Cantilever House Design

January 4, 2023

Cantilever house design is a unique style of architecture. It is a great way to use space, while maintaining a comfortable interior. You can also enjoy beautiful views. Using a cantilever to build a home is a great way to get more living space for your family. If you are interested in designing a cantilever home, contact an architect.

Modernists were inspired by cantilevers. They wanted to eliminate the sharp distinction between inside and outside. These architects used steel and glass to achieve this goal. Today, contemporary architects continue to advocate cantilever living.

Frank Lloyd Wright used the cantilever to build Fallingwater. This house is a popular example of a cantilever house. Located on a mountainside in rural Pennsylvania, it features cantilevered balconies suspended over a waterfall. The large cantilevers create a sense of privacy and structural integrity.

Cantilever house designs are often made up of several components, including the exterior, interior, and roof. Generally, they make good use of natural light. Usually, they create a cozy interior with lots of windows. However, they can also have some problems, if they are not designed correctly.

Cantilever house design is often based on the local environment. For example, Hill House in Melbourne, Australia, was built on an artificial hill. A cantilever house on a slope with a terrace is a rational solution to a problem. In addition, it protects wildlife and the surroundings. Moreover, it uses a series of mechanisms to minimize the environmental impact of the building.

Cantilever house designs can also be made in a variety of styles. Some cantilever homes have a contemporary look, while others feature a traditional architecture. Whatever the style of your cantilever home, it is sure to provide you with an incredible view.

Some of the most well-known cantilever houses include those by Anonymous Architects in Los Angeles, MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects in Nova Scotia, and Siegman Associates in Asheville, NC. Each of these cantilever home designs has its own unique style and architectural elements.

Two Hulls House in Port Mouton, Nova Scotia, is another modern cantilever home. The structure is constructed on a smaller rectangular platform, which minimizes the impact of the building on the site.

Holman House in Sydney, Australia, is another example of a cantilever house. The structure is built with a concrete base and two stacked oblong volumes. The oblong volumes measure 20 meters in length. On the first floor, the master bedroom is located. The second floor is dedicated to the living room and children's bedrooms. The third level resolves the transition between the garden and inhabited space.

The cantilever house design also emphasizes transitional spaces. A central stairway and a fireplace are featured in the interior. During daylight hours, the living and bedroom block is flooded with natural light. During nighttime, the north face of the house is glazed to prevent heat gain. The south and west sides are sheltered by the winter court and the summer court.

Whether you choose a cantilever house design that includes a deck, patio, or both, you will be rewarded with a stylish living space that makes use of natural light and provides a comfortable home.


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