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Boho Dining Table Examples

February 14, 2023

Boho dining tables are an ideal way to add a stylish flair and personality to your dining area. Not only will they make meals more enjoyable, but the room as a whole feels brighter and cheerier too! There is a wide range of boho dining tables available so there's sure to be one that meets both your needs and aesthetic!



Boho dining rooms tend to be light and airy, utilizing natural materials with plenty of vibrant patterns and textures that are both unique and easily recognizable.

Gallery walls are a popular element of boho design. They serve as an excellent showcase for art, curios or precious keepsakes. You can mix-and-match frames to achieve an eclectic yet cohesive aesthetic.


Simple DIY Boho Dining Table

Macrame is a popular boho decor trend that brings pattern and texture to your dining area. Use it as a runner or place setting on each seat for an eye-catching display.

Moroccan-style lamps are a timeless boho design element, available in an array of colors to complement any dining room setting. Depending on the size of your space, you can select either large or small versions depending on which style best suits your decor.



Rattan chairs are an ideal boho-inspired seating choice for dining rooms. Lightweight and comfortable, they look great paired with natural materials like rattan or wood.



Jute rugs are an ideal choice for a boho dining room. Lightweight and soft, these rugs provide plenty of seating comfort; in fact, you could even use them under your table to add even more warmth and texture to the design.

Sheer jute blinds are an effective way to provide privacy while still letting natural light into your dining area. Plus, they're easily removed for when you want some fresh air in your space.

Boho-inspired decor trends like decorative plates are perfect to incorporate into your dining area. You can find these at places such as Trader Joe's and HomeGoods for an inexpensive yet cheerful touch that adds color and pizzazz to the room.

Houseplants are another popular boho decor element that can be used to dress up your dining area. Not only are they easy to care for, but they can be layered throughout the space for extra depth and dimension.

Vintage Moroccan-style lanterns are an ideal boho design element to incorporate in your dining area. Not only do they add a splash of color, but you can find them in various styles from ornate to modern.

A bar cart is an ideal addition for your boho dining room. They're great for hosting and can serve as either the center of attention, or simply keep food and drinks close by.

If you have limited space, consider investing in a marble-topped bar cart to place in the corner. Not only will it look great with the rest of your boho dining area decor, but it can be used as somewhere for guests to put their drinks while they wait for their meal.



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