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Black Showers: The Unexpected Beauty Trend Taking Over Bathrooms Everywhere

May 18, 2023

Black Showers: The Unexpected Beauty Trend Taking Over Bathrooms Everywhere

When it comes to bathroom trends, black may not be the first color that comes to mind. However, black showers are making a statement in bathrooms everywhere and becoming a popular design choice for many homeowners.

The Beauty of Black

Black is a classic and timeless color that adds an elegant touch to any space. Incorporating black into your shower design can create a sleek and modern look, or add drama and contrast to a more traditional bathroom.

Black showers are versatile and work well with a variety of materials and colors. Pairing black with white or neutral tiles can create a bold and striking statement, while using black tiles with natural wood or warmer tones can create a cozy and intimate ambiance.

Maintenance and Cleaning

One concern with black showers is the potential for water spots and grime to show up more prominently. However, with proper maintenance and cleaning, black showers can be just as easy to maintain as any other shower.

To keep your black shower looking its best, it is important to wipe it down after each use and regularly clean it with a non-abrasive cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges that can damage the surface of your black tiles.

Your Personal Style

Ultimately, the decision to incorporate black into your shower design is a personal one. Whether you prefer a bold and dramatic look, or a more subtle touch of elegance, black showers can be the perfect addition to your bathroom design.

If you're considering adding a black shower to your bathroom, speak with a professional designer or contractor to discuss options and ensure the best possible outcome for your bathroom renovation project.


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