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Architecture Jokes

December 21, 2022

Architecture Jokes

Architecture jokes are a great way to lighten up your day. They are fun, easy to understand and can be shared with friends and family. You can find many humorous architecture jokes on the Internet or at your local library.

Architects laugh three times when they hear a joke

There is no debating the fact that Architects are a hoot. In fact, they may be one of the most sociable groups you'll ever meet. For instance, you might just see a friend or two at the upcoming shindig at the local snobby highrise. Aside from that, Architects are also known for their good taste. It's no secret that they can dress up the office for a wedding or funeral, no problem. One of the coolest perks of being an architect is having access to the best designers on the planet. Luckily for them, they don't have to pay for the privilege.

Architects never dies they just end their erections

Whether you're into architecture or not, you've probably heard of the edifice of the day. But, the edifice is only the tip of the iceberg. This is where the jokes and gimmicks come into play. One such story involves an architect who isn't a fan of stoicism. He's got a long list of nitpicky points to make up for. And, you can't blame him. After all, he's gotta keep his client happy or else.

The trick is to find an architect with a good head for numbers. To do this, you need to do a bit of research. Fortunately, there are a few companies around that do this for a reasonable fee. A quick online search is likely to turn up the results you're after. If your favorite architect happens to be in town, he or she is likely to be happy to oblige.

Architects keep their heads

The most famous architecture ball was held in 1931 in New York City. Leading architects of the time dressed in replicas of the most famous buildings. The ball was used by some art institutions for fund-raising purposes.

One of the architects, a cousin of Francois Mansard, was wearing the most elaborate costume. This included a veranda. When it came time for him to paint the house, he wore two jackets. He said he liked spending his time with his wife and mistress. In return, he was asked to do something by a mathematician.

Another architect went to an Amazonian tribe for research. His friend brought a canteen. They were walking past a newly built building. However, the woman didn't like that the house looked like an Amazonian tribe.


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