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1960s Decor

January 5, 2023

When people think of 1960s decor, they usually envision a vibrant array of colors and patterns. But that wasn't the only thing that made this decade so exciting. It was also a time of rebellion. The Vietnam war, rock bands, and birth control pills were among the things that shaped the decade. These things were the inspiration behind many of the designs, patterns, and styles of the '60s.

'60s interior design featured bold color palettes, bizarre patterns, and a number of new concepts. In addition, the furniture was functional and visually interesting. There were a number of distinct shapes, and the use of patterned wallpaper was on the rise.

'60s decor drew its inspiration from the cultural effervescence of the time. Flowers were ubiquitous and unusual designs were popular. Colors like avocado green, mustard yellow, and orange were frequently used. Those colors were combined with red, which complemented each other. Other popular colors included pink and fuchsia.

Some of the most iconic pieces of '60s furniture include the Panton chair, a flowing, single-piece chair. The Pod-shaped chair was also popular. Another must-have from the 60s is the trim phone. You can find these items at secondhand stores or on eBay.

Another defining characteristic of the '60s was the popularity of large domed lighting. This style featured glass and chrome materials, as well as futuristic glamor.

The '60s were also a period of experimentation with different materials. Furniture became more organic, and the use of metal framed pieces was introduced. They also were paired with ottomans, creating a new look.

One of the most influential styles of the decade was Pop Art. A large amount of wallpaper was produced in the 1960s. Psychedelic patterns were also common. Floral patterns were a favorite, along with tie-dye and paisley.

The '60s were full of psychedelic drugs and drug culture. Although some designs were inspired by the subversiveness of the times, others were more conservative. While there was a heavy emphasis on bright colors, there were plenty of dark wood tones to ground them.

The 1960s had a significant impact on the interior design industry. Furniture and lighting were shaped by global influences. Many patterns were influenced by Moroccan patterns. Wallpapers were patterned with a variety of prints. Neon colors were very popular in the '60s, including orange, yellow, and green.

Another classic design of the '60s was a set of L-shaped plastic chairs. This furniture, often paired with oversized fans, was considered bohemian. Today, these items are a great way to create a hip 60s vibe.

Another design element of the '60s was the use of mismatched armchairs. The '60s also saw the emergence of flat pack furniture. If you're interested in making a few upgrades to your home, consider using some of these unique pieces. Adding a few '60s accents to your dining table can bring some of the '60s' style back to your home.

So, when you're decorating your home, don't forget to take a moment to remember the influence that the '60s had on our world. Even though it may be more than sixty years since the '60s were a thing, the '60s still have a special place in our hearts.


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