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Victoria's Best Kept Secret: The Ultimate Luxury Travel Guide

March 3, 2023

Victoria's Best Kept Secret

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, Canada, is a city that boasts natural beauty, rich history, and cultural diversity. It is a popular destination for tourism, attracting millions of visitors every year. While the city has many wonderful attractions that are well known, there are some hidden gems that are off the beaten path. This article will serve as a luxury travel guide to Victoria's best-kept secrets.

Accommodation: Fairmont Empress Hotel

The Fairmont Empress Hotel is perhaps one of the most well-known hotels in Victoria. However, what many visitors do not know is that the hotel offers a level of luxury that is unmatched by other accommodations in the city. The hotel's rooms and suites are elegantly furnished and equipped with every modern convenience. The hotel also features a world-class spa, fitness center, several restaurants, and a tea room that serves the famous Empress Blend tea.

Activities: Royal Athletic Park

Located in the heart of Victoria, the Royal Athletic Park is a hidden gem that offers visitors the opportunity to experience the city like a local. The park is home to the Victoria HarbourCats, a summer collegiate baseball team that competes in the West Coast League. Visitors can enjoy a day at the ballpark, cheering on the team while enjoying local food and drink offerings. The park also hosts other events, such as concerts and festivals, throughout the year.

Dining: Agrius

Agrius is a hidden gem in downtown Victoria. The restaurant features a farm-to-table concept, serving dishes made with local, seasonal ingredients. The menu changes regularly, depending on what is available from the local farms and fishermen. The restaurant also offers an extensive wine list, featuring many local wines from the nearby wineries.

Attractions: Miniature World

Miniature World is a unique attraction that is often overlooked by visitors to Victoria. The museum features over 85 miniature dioramas that depict scenes from history, fiction, and mythology. Visitors can see everything from a miniature version of the Titanic to a fairy tale village. The attention to detail in each diorama is incredible, making it a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Victoria.

Shopping: Munro's Books

Munro's Books is a hidden gem for book lovers. The bookstore, located in downtown Victoria, was founded by Alice Munro, a Nobel Prize-winning author. The store features an incredible collection of books, including many hard-to-find titles. The store is also home to several book clubs and hosts events throughout the year, including author readings and signings.

Conclusion: Experience Victoria's Best Kept Secrets

Victoria is a city that offers something for everyone. While many visitors flock to the well-known attractions, there are some hidden gems that offer a level of luxury and uniqueness that is unparalleled. From the Fairmont Empress Hotel to Miniature World, Victoria's best-kept secrets offer visitors an unforgettable experience. So next time you visit Victoria, be sure to venture off the beaten path and discover these hidden treasures.


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