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Quince Clothing Review

January 22, 2024

quince clothing

Quince is a new direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand offering high quality, sustainably made clothing and accessories for women. Their focus on equitable wages for workers as well as eliminating all virgin plastic in their packaging by the end of 2019 is truly impressive. In addition, their classic styles won't go out of style after just one season so that customers can continue wearing them, helping reduce landfill textile waste.

Cashmere sweaters from this year have proven immensely popular. At just $50 each, this brand aims to challenge the perception that luxurious items must cost a lot. Furthermore, each garment's price on its website can be compared with similar garments from Everlane, J.Crew or other popular brands, to show shoppers the true cost of each garment piece.

DTC brand is well-known for offering eco-friendly linen pieces. Their popular button-down linen top has become an instant classic with customers, while their silk pajama set and Mongolian cashmere robe continue to become bestsellers quickly.

Although successful, this brand still needs some work. Their sustainability claims are pretty vague according to Good On You's ratings of fashion brands based on environmental and labor ethics; for example, they claim they only work with factories meeting global worker safety standards that pay fair wages, yet Good On You did not see evidence that supports this claim.

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