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Pimento Cheese Burger at the Pinecrest's Kitchen Social

March 25, 2024

Kitchen Social is a recently opened Polaris area restaurant that boasts both familiar dishes and an innovative concept. Run by former Bravo-Brio veterans, its owners brought a professional edge with them that sets it apart from similar-themed competitors.

These restaurants have designed an expansive menu, from pizza and tacos to steak and seafood, but with creative touches like eggplant meatballs that bring the texture of traditional ground beef to vegetarian fare, and tasty fried chicken and fish bowls. As their name implies, these restaurants also take full advantage of current trends like pimento cheese. This popular condiment features prominently in their Pimento Cheese Burger ($15), featuring an angus patty topped with lettuce, pickles, tomato, onions and candied bacon for maximum enjoyment!

This space is large and airy, featuring tall ceilings, pale brickwork, window boxes filled with plants, concrete flooring and pillow-adorned white wooden banquettes. Furthermore, its service staff was outstandingly competent despite being such a young team - even during a loud, packed dinner the food arrived quickly and was perfectly executed; perhaps in part due to value-minded dishes carefully prepared but also because its owners have an innate knack for crafting an appealing menu that won't get old quickly.


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