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Ochre Color: The Ancient Earth Pigment

February 4, 2023

Ochre color is an earthy color that is a part of the group of colors called “earth” or sienna. It has a variety of shades and tints and can work well in all types of design. It also complements many other colors, especially those that are dark and natural like blues and browns.



Ochre is a color that comes from clay pigments which contain iron oxide, often referred to as rust. The color is used in a variety of different ways from painting and drawing to creating cosmetics and soaps.



Prehistoric Cave Paintings

Ochre has appeared in paintings throughout the world, particularly in the caves of Lascaux, France, dating back to about 17,000 years ago. It has also been used in Egyptian tomb paintings.

The ancient Egyptians liked to use yellow ochre because it closely represented gold, which they believed was eternal and indestructible. It was also thought to give them a sense of power and prestige.


Archaeological Studies

Ochre was found in hundreds of burial sites around the world. It was also incorporated into tomb sculptures, and the Romans were known to use it in their paintings.

The colour was also used by a number of African cultures. The color is also used in Mexican interior design.



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