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Midcentury Modern Door Knobs

January 5, 2023

Having a front door with a well-designed handleset can be a great way to add some flair to a door. Door handles have been around for centuries. Some of the most innovative modern designs are based on traditional style. There are many manufacturers that specialize in producing fine hardware. A quick browse of a hardware store will yield several choices, including Schlage, Arne Jacobsen, and Carl Aubock.

There are also a host of new door handle companies popping up on the scene. One of the more notable is Rejuvenation, which produces high-quality reproductions of the classic mid-century backplates and knobs. The company offers two star backplates and a circle-shaped knob. They are available online and in many department stores and specialty retailers.

Another interesting entry in the world of home design is the Decor Knobs brand. Their line of door knobs are designed to be functional as well as eye-catching. These are a cinch to install and come in a variety of colors and styles to suit your taste. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive. Whether you are redoing your existing doors or building new ones, you'll find a Decor Knob that fits the bill.

The most exciting aspect of the Decor Knobs line is their customer service. If you are having trouble deciding on a particular style, they will help you with the design process. You can shop by price, or by a particular design feature. This includes keyed doorknobs for your exterior and interior doors. In addition, the brand offers a wide selection of decorative knobs for your closet or pantry. It's easy to imagine purchasing a Decor Knob as an accessory for a special occasion, or as an heirloom for your children to use in their own homes.

For those who are looking to spruce up a home with a little extra pizazz, the best way to go is to shop around. Large manufacturers have a knack for bringing a plethora of handsome hardware to market. Many of these products are made with the finest materials, and many of them are made in the U.S. While the average consumer may be hard pressed to find the elusive daisy knob, they will likely have a much easier time finding a high-quality modern door handle.

The most popular types of hardware used in modern construction include pulls and knobs, and are available in a wide range of finishes. To name a few, a satin nickel finish will give you a touch of class. Others can be found in a more subdued bronze hue. And since you're a homeowner, you can rest assured that the manufacturer is putting a premium on quality, while still maintaining a reasonable price.

Choosing the right door knob can make a world of difference to the ambiance of your home. As with all other components of a home, there are many choices out there, and the only way to be certain is to shop around.


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