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Industrial Living Room Decor: A Complete Guide

March 4, 2023

Industrial style is all about mixing urban, raw, and organic elements to create a modern and sophisticated look. This style originated in the early 20th century from abandoned warehouses and factories that were transformed into living spaces. Today, industrial style is a popular choice for people who want to add a bit of edginess to their home decor.

black metal framed beige padded sofa set inside room

The Color Palette

The industrial color palette is mostly neutral shades including black, white, gray, taupe, and beige. These colors create a calm and cool environment that feels easy on the eyes. However, some interior designers spice things up by adding pops of bold and bright colors such as deep red, orange or yellow. This adds excitement to the room and highlights specific design elements.

The Furniture

Furniture pieces are the backbone of industrial style. In keeping with the overall theme, choose pieces that are raw, made of metal, wood or leather. A worn-out leather sofa, wood coffee table, or metal side tables are great choices. The furniture should be simple, utilitarian, and utilitarian. Repurposed industrial pieces like factory carts, or wood and metal crates, that could function as a coffee table or a tv stand can be a unique addition to your living room.

The Lighting

The lighting in industrial decor is an essential part and can't be ignored. Industrial spaces are known for sturdy, timeless metal fixtures like copper, brass, and wrought iron. Choose an oversized pendant or chandelier with exposed bulbs to create a bold statement in the room. If you're looking for something subtle, black iron sconces or lamps, spotlights, or a task light would be perfect. You can also incorporate string lights or Edison bulbs to add a warm and cozy feel to the room.

The Walls and Floors

Walls and floors are also important in creating the perfect industrial living room. The walls should be simple with exposed brick, concrete, or steel for a raw and edgy look. For a more industrial look, you can add wallpapers in geometric or bold prints to create a balance between the raw and the refined. If you want to keep it subtle, you can paint the walls in neutral shades or in a bold shade to make a statement.";
The floor is usually bare and raw, with classic materials like concrete, wood, or exposed flooring such as terrazzo or ceramic tiles giving your room that distinctive look. If you would rather have a carpeted floor, choose something with a natural, rough texture. The fibers should either consist of jute, wool or hemp to maintain that organic touch.

The Accessories

No room is complete without accessories. They add personality and a touch of the homeowner's personality to space. In industrial style, vintage accessories like old books, wall art, and antiques-factory tools add a unique touch to the aesthetic. Artifacts like industrial map prints or poster art may also be placed in the scene. Other pieces like brass door handles and old-fashioned radiators can complement the raw elements of the room.


Creating an industrial living room requires creativity and a keen sense of design. It's all about playing with textures, shapes, and materials to achieve a look that is both raw and refined. Neutral shades, raw materials, vintage accessories, and sturdy lighting are necessary to create a perfect industrial living room.



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