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How to Make an Office Chair More Comfortable

January 21, 2024

how to make an office chair more comfortable

As a desk-sitter, chances are you have experienced discomfort in your chair at some point. Even though designer office chairs might not fit within your budget, there are ways to make any seat more comfortable.

One effective solution to reduce leg and foot pressure can be to use a footstool or chair-top footrest. This will relieve tension from legs, feet and shoulders; relieving strain from back, neck and shoulders as a result. For those sitting in chairs with armrests, making sure they are at an appropriate height may also help alleviate shoulder and neck pain.

Depth is another crucial aspect of chair comfort; too deep seats can put pressure on the backs of knees. To determine if your chair has adequate depth, sit in it and see if you can fit a full fist between your calf and the front edge of the seat.

Addition of a seat cushion can significantly improve chair comfort. A properly designed cushion should support your pelvis and alleviate pressure on the coccyx area, helping relieve hip and tailbone pain, as well as improve posture by keeping shoulders relaxed back against backrests. In chairs without built-in lumbar support, consider using additional support such as pillows or towels; this is particularly important during longer workdays.

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