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How Much Does a Drain Survey Cost?

December 8, 2022

Getting a drain survey is not something you should skip, especially if you're considering buying a house. It's a good idea to check the drainage system of the property you're looking to buy to avoid having to deal with a leaky sink in the future. It also gives you some peace of mind, if nothing else. A drain survey is a relatively inexpensive investment, particularly if you choose to do it yourself.

The price for a drain survey can range from PS150 to PS800, but can be much higher for larger properties with complex drain systems. The cost of labour will also vary depending on the size of the system. You might have to enlist the help of a specialist to complete the task.

A drain survey consists of an inspection of the drainage system and its connections to the national water network. The resulting report includes a map of all the drains on the property. It may also contain a video footage showing the condition of the pipes. The cheapest drain survey will likely be a simple visual inspection, but if your drainage system is complicated you may have to shell out some cash to make sure you're paying for the best job possible.

In addition to the price, you'll also have to weigh up whether or not the task is worth your time. If you have the means to do it yourself, you can get the same results in a fraction of the time. If you're dealing with a professional camera engineer, you can expect the job to be done in a single day. Having a full drain survey may be worthwhile in the long run, since a problem with your drainage system can be expensive to fix.

The average drain survey will take between one and two hours, but can take longer if you're dealing with a more complicated system. You'll have to factor in the costs of excavating the drains if you're going to go all out. The full report will also require time in the office, preparing the video footage.

The simplest drain survey can cost you as little as PS50, while a comprehensive report could cost you a few hundred pounds. This is because the majority of larger, more complicated properties have more intricate drainage systems. The size of the drainage system will also influence the price, with bigger systems requiring a more elaborate set of equipment and more complicated processes.

The most comprehensive drain survey will likely cost you at least PS600, with the highest priced averaging around PS275. You might be able to find a chartered surveyor to do the job for you, but it's worth noting that you might need to pay for a hefty mark up. If you're buying a home, you should at least check out the property's drainage system before signing the purchase contract. This will give you the confidence to move in, and will also make sure you don't end up with a major leak in your kitchen sink.


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