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Frank Lloyd Wright Birdhouses

January 4, 2023

Frank Lloyd Wright birdhouses are a tribute to the legendary architect's work. Wright was known for his unorthodox structure designs. His buildings are often unique and highly sought after. One of his most famous works is Fallingwater, which incorporates gorgeous stonework. Other notable structures include the Susan Lawrence Dana House, which has a terracotta sculpture, light fixtures, and art glass.

Frank Lloyd Wright's birdhouse designs were meant to be a whimsical nod to his clients. He hoped that they would provide birds with a place to rest and play. But they also have a number of other connotations.

A birdhouse may be a representation of a prehistoric egg. Similarly, it may be a nod to the architectural scroll, which is a representation of wisdom and fertility. However, it can also be a reference to Frank Lloyd Wright's own design style.

Martin House in Buffalo, New York is another example of a house designed by the famed architect. Its conservatory roof features four birdhouses. The design is based on a concept that originated in Wright's "Tree of Life" windows.

Sourgrassbuilt, a birdhouse manufacturer, created a birdhouse replica of Taliesin West for the Frank Lloyd Wright Store in Scottsdale. Barnhard, a California cabinetmaker, also makes Bauhaus-inspired birdhouses. Douglas Barnhard also makes planters, breadboxes, and dog beds.

Moore Designs offers a variety of bird feeders, including several that can be window-mounted. They're made from durable materials, so they can last for years. Alternatively, they can be anchored in the yard.

Another birdhouse inspired by Wright's designs is the Darwin D. Martin House Bird Feeder, which is hand-crafted by Drew Kelley. It is a beautiful tribute to the famed architect's work.

If you're interested in purchasing a Frank Lloyd Wright birdhouse, you can visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, which authenticates the Martin Birdhouses. You can find prices and freight charges there as well.

In addition to its design, the birdhouse has been crafted in dry cast sandstone. It was commissioned for a charity auction in 2002. Since then, it's been in private collections and museums.

Frank Lloyd Wright was also an artist and graphic designer. During his lifetime, he designed over one thousand structures, including a large amount of art glass. Several of these structures are still in existence. Some of his other famous designs include the Usonic Automatic Home, the Atfield house, the Frank Lloyd Wright Studio, and the Pratt House.

While some of his buildings are not open to the public, others are. The Currier Museum of Art acquired the Usonic Automatic home for its collection. Now, visitors can enjoy the home's interior and exterior. Additionally, it was named a National Historic Landmark in 1986.

Other structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright are the Martin House Complex, the Connecting Corridor, and the Dana-Thomas House. These houses are also considered masterpieces of architecture. All are licensed by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

Although not all of his structures are available for purchase, they are all incredibly popular. Some are even rare.


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