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Aulets Arquitectes

January 10, 2023

The Aulets Arquitectes firm in Mallorca, Spain, uses local materials to build structures. Founded by Francisco Cifuentes and Sebastia Martorell, both Palma natives, the architecture firm focuses on the landscape, territory and architecture. Its interventions are unpretentious, and crafted with an eye towards congruence.

One of the firm's recent projects is the redesign of an old oenological station in Felanitx. The architects worked to bring the building back to life, while recovering the memory of the original structure. Using pre-existing materials, the project aims to re-create the edifice's identity while integrating it into its natural surroundings.

Another example of an Aulets intervention is the municipal archive in Felanitx. The building's interior is dominated by brick masonry and exposed structure. On the exterior, the building resembles a traditional closed-off house. However, the interior is full of patios, terraces, and overlapping plots. These elements provide a glimpse into the structure's character.

The Aulets Arquitectes firm consists of two principals, Francisco Cifuentes Utrero and Sebastia Martorell Mateo. Both have been working together for ten years. They first became acquainted in their graduate studies at the ESARQ UIC in Barcelona. Following a PhD in architecture, Francisco has since become a professor at the EAR in Reus. A general director of housing for the Palma City Council, Francisco believes in the power of architectural design to answer community needs. He also believes in the idea that architecture is a product of nature.

In order to change a hyper tourist society, architects have to think through alternative projects. Aulets interventions use local, unpretentious, and sustainable materials. Their work has been recognized with the Spanish Architecture Award. In addition to the award, the architects have been invited to participate in a number of international competitions. This includes the RIBA International Prize for the restoration of the antigua Escudella de las Flores in Mallorca, and the Spanish Architectural Prize for the renovation of the Antigua Santa Maria del Mar de Felanitx.

While a relatively small island in the Balearic Sea, Mallorca is a popular destination for all-inclusive holidays. During a summer, the island is flooded with millions of visitors. To satisfy the need for alcohol, the Balearics offer a number of wineries, many of which are located in the eastern part of the island.


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