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Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas for Urban Dwellers

March 28, 2023

Living in a city can be challenging, but your living space doesn't have to be. There's no better way to enjoy urban life than by creating a rooftop terrace. Rooftop terraces are becoming increasingly popular amongst urban dwellers, and they provide a unique space where you can enjoy fresh air, relax, and entertain guests. In this article, we'll explore the best rooftop terrace design ideas for urban dwellers.

1. Start with your Space

The first thing you need to consider when designing your rooftop terrace is the space available. The size and shape of your terrace will have a significant impact on the design. For smaller rooftop terraces, you may need to get creative with your design ideas. Vertical garden walls, compact outdoor furniture, and clever lighting will help create a visually appealing space without overcrowding it. For larger rooftop terraces, you can afford to go big with your design ideas. Having multiple sections, such as a dining area, a lounge space, and a garden, can create the needed room without feeling cluttered.

2. Get Creative with Greenery

Urban living often means limited green space, which is something a rooftop terrace can easily solve. Incorporating plants and creating a greenery-filled space can help bring life to your terrace. From vertical gardens to potted plants to hanging gardens, there are many ways to decorate with greenery. Choose a mixture of plants that fit your style and are suitable for the climate of your area. Green walls and potted plants always go well together, and combining them makes for a beautiful, green space. Use low-maintenance plants if you're short on time or add lighting to help aid in the growth of light-loving plants.

3. Install Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is key for any outdoor space, including a rooftop terrace. For urban dwellers, making their outside area cozy is already an escape from the loud city noises, so incorporating plush seating is a must. Outdoor furniture like soft seating and daybeds allow lounging outside to be as comfy as watching TV inside. Durable, weather-resistant materials like metal, wicker, or resin will keep your space in good condition even after rain or snow. Additionally, adding designs such as carpets, pillows, side tables, and lanterns complete the overall aesthetic of your rooftop terrace.

4. Light up your Space

Your rooftop terrace should be beautiful day and night, so getting creative with lighting is essential. An urban skyline can be an inspiring backdrop to the glowing lights of your rooftop terrace. The lighting style that you choose will highly depend on the mood of the area you're creating. To create an ethereal and relaxing evening atmosphere, add string lights or LED lights around the seating area. Brightening up the garden or dining area with outdoor lamps will help to light large spaces. Creating a visually appealing space during both day and night is the ultimate goal.

5. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

If you love entertaining guests, incorporating an outdoor kitchen in your rooftop terrace design is the ultimate must-have. An outdoor kitchen allows you to cook, serve, and entertain all in one space. Grill stations, countertops, outdoor refrigerators, wet bars, and outdoor kitchens would all be great additions to your terrace. If you prefer a BBQ-style cooking experience, then integrating a barbecue into your outdoor kitchen would be perfect. Ensure you choose durable materials that can withstand different climates, especially if you live in areas with a lot of snow or rain.


1. What's the best way to maintain my rooftop terrace?

Maintaining your rooftop terrace means regularly checking for signs of wear, cleaning it regularly, and repairing any damages. Additionally, investing in materials that are durable, weather-resistant, and nonslippery is essential for long-term maintenance.

2. How can I create a private rooftop terrace?

Vertical gardens, privacy screens, and furniture placement can all be used to create a private rooftop terrace.

3. What size should my rooftop terrace be?

The size of your rooftop terrace will depend on the available space. Be sure to measure the space beforehand and determine how much room you want to allocate for seating, plants, and other design elements.

4. How do I make my rooftop terrace greenery-friendly?

Use a mixture of low-maintenance, water-resistant plants, add drip irrigation or sprinkler systems, and incorporate natural fertilizer to ensure the greenery stays healthy and the terrace is easy to maintain.

5. Can I add a hot tub to my rooftop terrace?

Yes! If your rooftop terrace has enough support to carry the weight of the hot tub, you can absolutely add a hot tub to your rooftop terrace design. Be sure to choose a durable material that will withstand different weather conditions.

Whether you have a small or large space, there is always a way to design a rooftop terrace that suits your taste and provides an escape from city life. With a combination of greenery, seating, lighting, and decor, your rooftop terrace can become your peaceful oasis. Remember, always prioritize comfort, functionality, and aesthetics in your rooftop terrace design, and you will have a space you'll love using for years to come.


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