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Mid Century Modern Home Design Characteristics

February 21, 2023

Midcentury modern designs are known for merging clean lines with organic shapes and using innovative materials and techniques to remake traditional pieces of furniture. In America, mid-century modern design began in the 20th century and developed in the 1930s and continued throughout the 1960s. Midcentury-modern's aesthetics brought geometric forms and clear lines of Bauhaus teachings into the modernist movement, pioneered by legendary designers like Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Mid Century Modern House in Beverly Shores, Indiana

What is a mid century modern home?

A Mid Century modern property will normally be one-storey and have open floor plans decorated with modern furnishings. Modern mid-century design extends beyond house decor as well as playing a large role across the cultural spectrum. The landscapes of the late 20th century were traditionally found first in architecture then in decor and style trends. Modern midcentury furniture is synonymous in design with elegant chairs, statement lamps and television stands that feature tapered legs, bold pops of color materials like sleek chrome, and geometric shapes.

The Furniture

Although one can find authentic mid-century modern furniture, it's not going to cost too much. Modern manufacturers are adapting the best sought-after midcentury modern furniture pieces to modern life by changing fabric materials and new production technologies that help make these pieces affordable to the consumer. Look for sectional furniture pieces, sideboard furniture or other pieces with straight lines.

What Is Midcentury Modern Style?

Modern Mid Century Design is a modern interior design that has a contemporary aesthetic and emphasizes functionality. The design has gained prominence during the 1950s and 1960s. In the 1950s and 1960 '80s American style took an initial dive and then enjoyed a resurgency. This was due to people's nostalgia for its contrasting hues and materials and the emphasis on functionality over everything and its simple form—and we've been pretty obsessive about it ever since. The main reason that the movement has been deeply embedded in 20th century design has probably been its contemporary look.

What is mid century modern interior design?

Sotheby's Joshua Holdeman describes mid-century modern furnishings and decorations as simple, well made objects that will last forever. Midcentury modern design can be easily emulated in the home. The classic design has a minimalist feel and has a love of materials. Midcentury modern design philosophy follows essentially function: form meets function. This means that furniture objects impacted by modernism have the intention of expressing their desired function so if these products prove not to be useful they will not be necessary.

Mid century modern furniture for your living room

In 1956 Charles and Ray Eames introduced Charles and Ray Eames' classic Eames lounge chairs and ottomans in interior designs. The new designs had an iconic style with sleek lines. Creativeness is a limit in furniture designs that make a statement without compromising on comfort. It raises living rooms or reading spaces in ways seldom achieved by a simple piece. It perfectly satisfies the requirements of lounge chairs.

3 Tips for Decorating a Mid-Century Modern Room

Achieving a mid-century modern style in your space can be an appealing style for many looking for something unique and timeless. Mid-century modern decor stands out due to its blend of vintage and contemporary elements. If you're looking to incorporate this aesthetic into your room, here are three tips that will help get you started. First, stay consistent - always use colors and materials with the same type of mid-century modern feel. Second, pick furniture pieces carefully - rather than opting for big furniture that dominates the room, try incorporating smaller pieces with some sharp angles which is characteristic of mid-century design. Finally, embrace simplicity - keep things simple by minimizing colors and decorations while still creating a well styled room. With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to achieving a chic mid-century modern atmosphere in your living space!

Transform your kitchen with mid century modern

Planning for your own kitchen is always worth considering: seating arrangements, tables, kitchenware, backsplash. The midcentury contemporary kitchen makes planning much simpler. Imagining Tulip tables is an aesthetically pleasing table designed for an ‘unforgiving, confusing and unsettling world’, Eeri Saarinen saw under chairs and tables. Elegant shapes are hard to get and make for an elegant addition to any kitchen. Place the classic dining chairs from the DSW by the Eames duo underneath the table, Nelson's bubble collection over there.

Sophisticated mid century pieces for the office

Having your own office set up will affect productivity. The first Mid Century Modern designers have put emphasis upon the value of decor and furniture. Tell me my need? Only the small selection of items that make the home office sound aesthetic and comfortable for the morning. Place the room inside the famous Aluminium chair that Charles Eames Architect designed in 1958. Is there a source behind this?

Materials are used in unexpected ways

Those were years in which new materials like fiberglass and glass were added to household furniture. Fiberglass was made and bent to suit the body shape. The seat is made from tubular steel and leather straps. Plexiglas was created in clear, organic shapes like coffee tables and lampposts.

Use Abstract and Graphic Patterns

Erin Williamson Designs. Midcentury designers used playful graphic prints on textiles and walls to achieve bold forms, bright colours and endless geometric combinations Myers adds. The market was expanding Abstract Expressionism was dominating eponymous artistic styles, Pop Art was in the booming stage and consumer consumption was enormous. It was electric and the artists followed. The Free-Form furnishings styles of the time were copied into popular designs.

Modern mid century bedroom ideas

A mid century bedroom can provide you with a calming and luxurious retreat from your day to day life. With the perfect balance between classic and contemporary, this style is both timeless and versatile. Sleek, clean lines in bed frames, side tables, and dressers create a crisp yet inviting atmosphere, while pops of color throughout the decor can add a touch of vibrancy. Mixing textures like velvet, leather, and wood help add texture as well as visual interest to the space. Incorporating modern mid century modern design into your bedroom will give you an elegant place to escape.

West Coast MCM Design trends

Coastal midcentury modern style is a vibrant and captivating aesthetic that has remained a timeless classic for decades. Influenced by the early modernists of European countries, this unique approach to design stems from the idea of functionality being an essential part of aesthetics. Characterized with organic shapes, curved silhouettes and geometric details, these designs draw on retro inspirations yet remain relevant even in today's world.

Mid century modern style

Midcentury modern decor and design trends remain popular today for their combination of retro style and timeless sophistication. The minimalist shape, lines, and materials are comfortable but never boring. Enlivening a room with midcentury modern pieces is an easy way to bring an infusion of style that pairs well with any other interior elements. Midcentury modern has bold patterns, warm woods, geometric shapes, pastels, metallic accents, natural fibers and organic fabrics that make it possible to create a distinctively individualized look in any living space. Creating a chic midcentury modern look starts with gathering pieces that have the stylishly unique vintage characteristics, while still working together harmoniously in one space.

Iconic MCM Designers

Even decades after their passing, the work of mid-century modern icons Florence Knoll and Arne Jacobson still speaks to today's design world with a timeless look. Their timeless styles continue to inspire countless creatives around the globe – demonstrating that good art truly does stand the test of time!

Concluding Thoughts on Mid century modern style

Mid Century Modern Home Design is a popular style of architecture that was developed after World War II. Characteristics of this style include an emphasis on simple and sleek designs, with a focus on function over form. Clean lines make up their structure, with ample use of flat planes to create the illusion of space. Visual focus is curated elegantly in midcentury design. Glass is often used to bring in more natural light into a room with floor to ceiling windows. Wood paneling, low-pitch roofs, and horizontal orientation also add to the overall look and feel of the design, emphasizing its natural materials. Mid Century Modern Homes are perfect for creating warm and inviting spaces with contemporary flair.


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