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How to Build a Stock Trader Desk Setup

February 19, 2023

Having a well-equipped trading desk setup is essential to make the most of your time when it comes to stock trading. This will help you to focus and increase your chances of success. Whether you’re looking to make money through day trading or are just getting started, it is important to get a proper set up. Here are some things you should look for when it comes to building a stock trader desk setup:

Size and Shape of the Desk

A well-designed and ergonomic stock trading desk can help you perform at your peak. Ensure that you select one with premium materials that are designed to withstand constant use. Ideally, it should be made from either solid wood or steel and crafted to last a long time.

Ergonomic Design of the Trading Desk: Since stock trading involves a lot of physical movement, it’s important to choose a desk that is comfortable for both your body and your mind. This means incorporating urethane surface edges that provide a more ergonomic feel when typing, electric height adjustability for sit to stand work positions, modular monitor arms capable of holding 8+ LCD screen displays, and cable management solutions that will keep your workspace neat and tidy.

Monitor Mounting Options for a Stock Trader Desk:

For many people, multiple monitors are crucial to their trade. Depending on their personal trading style, they may want to place their screens side by side, back-to-back or vertically one above the other. This way, they can easily view the charts without having to shift their chair over or move around to see them.

Consider the number of monitors you need to accommodate: Typically, 2 monitors are enough for most traders and it is a good idea to add another one if you feel that you’re spending too much time on a single chart.

Adding another monitor to your laptop will also allow you to have two separate display windows on the same device, which is a great way to monitor your trades. This facility is available on most laptops and can be easily configured by following the display settings.

If you have a laptop that isn’t equipped with a secondary monitor, you can always purchase an inexpensive monitor that has the ability to connect to your computer. Most of these are affordable and can be purchased off of e-commerce sites.

Trading Journal:

Keeping track of your trading strategies and progress is a must to improve your overall skills and increase your profits. A trading journal will help you stay organized and document your trades so that you can easily review them before making a new trading plan.

A trading journal will also help you track your daily performance and determine which methods are working and which aren’t so you can make improvements to your overall method. Apps like Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Simplenote, Google Keep, Apple Notes, Squid, or Apple Paper are all excellent tools for creating a trading journal that you can reference anytime and anywhere you need to.


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