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Dryer Smells Like Gas? Possible Reasons and Solutions Explained

May 6, 2024

Dealing with Gas Smells from your Dryer

Is your Dryer Emitting a Gas Smell?

Many people occasionally experience a worrying issue with their dryer emitting a gas-like smell while running. This is a concern that one should not overlook, despite assurances from maintenance teams that it is normal. Residents can often find themselves questioning the safety standards of their apartments when it comes to gas appliances. To alleviate your fears, it's important to understand the possible causes for these odors and possible solutions.

Possible Causes of Odd Smells from your Dryer

Dirty Machine

One of the most common reasons for a funny odor is simply a dirty machine. Over time, lint and dust can accumulate, causing a strange smell.

Poor Airflow

Poor airflow can result in odd smells from your dryer. This happens when lint or other obstructions block the dryer's duct, affecting its ability to ventilate properly.

Clothing Material and Care

The type of material being dried can also contribute to strange smells. Synthetic fabrics, for example, may produce a burnt rubber odor when subjected to high heat. Always ensure to follow the care instructions on your clothing labels.

Electrical Defects

A wire short in your dryer's power cord can create a burnt rubber smell. Check for defects in the power cord such as frayed or exposed wires.

Paint and Varnish Fumes

If recent home improvement activities involved painting or varnishing, the air used to burn the gas in the dryer might pick up these fumes, resulting in a burnt odor. These smells dissipate over time with proper ventilation.

Possible Solutions for Gas Smells from your Dryer


Regularly cleaning your machine and ducting as described in maintenance steps may solve the issue. The dryer's filter, in particular, should be cleaned with soapy water and a toothbrush every other month to prevent clogged filters leading to a gas odor.

Temperature Settings and Clothing Care

Be sure to adhere to the specified temperature settings on your clothing labels. Lowering the temperature or air drying synthetic or heat-sensitive clothing can prevent the burnt rubber smell in your dryer.

Power Cord Replacement

If the power cord is defective, consider replacing it. However, take caution and switch off your dryer entirely before replacing the cord to prevent risks of electrical shock.


If your home has been painted recently, ensure to properly ventilate the home and air out your laundry while drying. Running an AIR FLUFF cycle after your regular drying cycle can also help get rid of any kerosene-like odors.

Maintenance and Repair Service

If the gas smell persists, it's crucial to turn off the gas valve to the dryer and call for service. Regular maintenance of your dryer can prevent potential leaks and other such concerns.

The Case of Samsung Gas Dryer

Even big brands like Samsung are not immune to these issues. Some owners have reported their Samsung gas dryers releasing gas when running, triggering safety concerns. While instances like these may involve complex factors such as faulty gas valves or igniters, the fundamental step is to reach out to a professional repair service if you encounter a persistent gas smell coming out of your dryer.

In conclusion, a gas smell from your dryer should never be neglected. Regular cleaning, careful clothing care, and timely professional interventions can save you from potential hazardous situations. Remember, safety first!


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