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DIY Disco Ball Ideas

February 3, 2023

A disco ball is the perfect decorative accessory for any party. They can be used in both large and small spaces, and they are super easy to DIY. Plus, they aren't as expensive as many other decorations on the market!


DIY Disco Ball Ideas

DIY Disco Ball made from CDs


Disco balls align with trends that celebrate nostalgic '70s decor, thrifting, DIY projects, and party decor as home decor – making them a great way to bring that glam, colorful style into your space. This trend is also very much in line with current interior design trends, which are all about free-form and maximalist design.



The disco ball is a fun addition to any room, but it's particularly stunning in a dining space or kitchen. They add an element of light and sparkle to a room, which helps make it feel bright and airy despite the drab, dark colors that you might usually associate with these types of spaces.

One of our favorite ways to incorporate a disco ball into your decor is by hanging one on your ceiling, which will reflect the light in your room and create a bright space. You can easily hang them by themselves, or even use them as an accent piece for other decor around your house like this chandelier from the Country Chic Cottage!

You can also try hanging a disco ball on a wall to brighten up a dark space. This simple tutorial from Oh Happy Day is a great way to make it happen!

Using a Styrofoam ball, wrap a length of thin wire around the bottom of the ball to form a loop. Fold over the excess wire on the end without the hook, then gently tug on the opposite end to push it flush against the top of the Styrofoam ball. This will keep your disco ball from sliding off its loop.

Another way to display a disco ball is by creating a mirror ball, which is an awesome decorating idea that will bounce light and create a shimmering effect in your space. You can easily make this project at home with a few inexpensive supplies, including an empty bowl and mirror tiles.

Once you've made your mirror ball, hang it in a room to brighten up the space and give it a glamorous, disco-inspired look! You can find these cheap mirror balls at craft stores and home improvement stores for just a few dollars, so this is an affordable option to add a bit of glitz to any room.

A glam, glittery disco ball is the perfect finishing touch for your next party! You can even use a disco ball as a backdrop for a photo shoot!

For a simple, inexpensive disco ball, turn a plastic styrofoam ball into one by wrapping it in sequin trim. You can use all silver CDs or mix and match colors for a more groovy, colorful vibe.

Then, secure the trim to the ball with pins every few sequins until the entire ball is covered. Once the disco ball is finished, you can tie it to a string and hang it in your room for a dreamy touch of sparkle!



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