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Choosing Lamp Shades For Your Lamp Base

March 29, 2023

Lamp shades are an integral component of any lamp's aesthetic design. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and materials so it can be difficult to know where to begin when selecting one for a new lamp or replacing an old one. If you want your room's overall style to reflect your taste in style, lampshades are definitely worth consideration!

At our store, you'll find an extensive selection of shades to suit any decor or style. From traditional bell and empire shades to contemporary square and rectangle shapes, there is a shade perfect for you!

When selecting a lampshade for your lamp base, there are certain proportions to take into account. For instance, if your base is round, make the bottom of the shade wider than its counterpart to create an integrated look - like one piece of furniture!

When choosing a lamp shade, the amount of light that should be visible through it and any decorative features on the base should be taken into account. For instance, if your base features intricate twig detail on its outside, opt for a lampshade with similar detailing on its inside.

Various designs incorporate various threads to give the shade texture and dimension. Silk or shantung lampshades often feature natural flecks or nubbly areas woven into their fabric for extra visual interest.

Selecting the perfect shade for your lamp base requires some basic guidelines, but ultimately the best way to determine what works best is to take it home and try it on. Use this as your basis when making a final decision.


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