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Alocasia Silver Dragon Plant Care Guide

February 1, 2023

Alocasia silver dragon, related to the species Alocasia baginda, is a tropical plant with striking scale-like foliage that is quickly gaining popularity among both plant lovers and collectors. It is a compact and slow-growing variety that can reach up to 2 feet tall in maturity.

A solitary, tropical plant with heart-shaped leaves and ribbed veins that resemble dragon scales, this plant is native to the rainforests of Asia. It is a relatively hardy houseplant that can be maintained indoors throughout the year.

This plant will need a bright location with indirect light, and will grow better in the fall and winter when the temperatures are cooler. Avoid placing this plant near west or south windows as it will burn its leaves and can become sick.

The best way to propagate an Alocasia silver dragon is by dividing clumps of mature plants. Mature plants will usually develop a large number of plantlets at the base of the main stem that you can separate. The rhizome root should not be damaged during the process as it can cause rot and damage to the entire plant if left unattended.

Use a potting mix that is aerated, porous, nutrient-rich and has a slightly acidic to neutral pH reaction in the range of 5.0 to 7.5. It should be well-drained and preferably organic.

Using rainwater for watering is the ideal solution, but if this is not possible you should avoid tap water as it contains minerals and salts that may be harmful to your plant. If you use tap water to water your Alocasia silver dragon, make sure the water stands for 24 hours or longer so that the salts have a chance to evaporate before watering it again.

Feeding Your Alocasia Silver Dragon

To ensure your Alocasia silver dragon is in good health, feed it monthly with a balanced houseplant fertilizer diluted by half. A little bit of fertilizer goes a long way and will ensure your plant grows to its full potential!

Repot Your Alocasia Silver Dragon

To keep your Alocasia silver dragon healthy, you should repot it once every 2-3 years. You should only increase the size of the pot a little at a time and you can do this in spring or summer when the plant is in its growth stage.

Mist Your Alocasia Silver Dragon

If you mist your Alocasia silver dragon regularly, it will be happier and healthier overall. However, make sure to mist only the soil surface and not the leaves. This will help prevent excess moisture from accumulating on the leaves which could lead to fungus or root rot.


As a tropical houseplant, Alocasia silver dragons need a high level of humidity to thrive. This is because they are adapted to humid tropical environments, where there is a lot of rainfall in the summer. If you can’t provide your Alocasia silver dragon with the humidity it needs, the plant will begin to show signs of distress.

Leaf Spot Diseases

When you notice brown spots on your Alocasia silver dragon’s leaves, it’s a sign of bacterial infection that must be treated immediately. If you spot this issue, cut off infected leaves and treat the affected area with a fungicide.


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