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7 Tips to Keep Your Gutters Clean

February 19, 2023

Gutters are often a forgotten part of the plumbing system because they are out of sight. However, they help you so much around your home. Gutters prevent foundation damage, keep your lawn from getting soggy, and safeguard your house from serious water damage in many more ways. 

For all these reasons, gutters need proper care and maintenance. Gutter upkeep may seem expensive at first glance. However, you can design its maintenance as you want with careful thought for patio

If not for regular maintenance, your gutter systems may clog, perform badly, or even get damaged and cause other issues. This frequents your need to call a 24 hour plumbing in Melbourne.

So, we have put together a list of helpful suggestions for maintaining your gutters and ensuring they are operating at peak efficiency. 

1. Trim Overhanging Branches

Overhanging tree branches are a problem for clean gutters. 

Most tree species generate a lot of pollen, seeds, and other debris that might eventually block your gutters. Except in cases where trees overhang your gutters, this debris is typically not a concern. 

Because of this, early tree cutting as part of your cleaning practice is a great idea. This helps you keep the majority of pollen out of your gutter system and limit the amount of cleaning your gutters require year-round. 

Polen removal is crucial because it may also damage your gutters when coupled with water as it becomes corrosive.

2. Install Gutter Guards

Consider installing gutter guards. These guards, which often consist of metal or plastic mesh, sit on top of the gutters to shield them from debris falling from above.

It is one of the greatest methods to stop your gutters from collecting dirt and debris. The best time to install gutter guards, if you don't already have them, is after a thorough cleaning and maintenance procedure. 

Many commercial plumbing companies take up routine maintenance services if you want to make things easier. 

After necessary cleaning, your gutters will be in excellent condition, ready to have gutter guards installed. It is easy enough to do it yourself, or you can also have a plumbing expert in Melbourne do it. 

3. Inspect for Pests in Summer

Bugs thrive in gutters. 

These wet, confined spaces are ideal for stinging insects like bees, wasps, and hornets. The peak period for these insects' activity is in the late spring and early summer so that an early spring cleaning may miss them. 

In addition to these animals, gutters are also known to be home to birds, termites, and even the rare possum. Watch out for any of these animals. Avoid attempting to handle any while still on your ladder if you see any. 

Before you carry on cleaning, try to eliminate the insect properly; even better, get an emergency plumbing service to handle the situation.

4. Flush the Gutters Often

The next way to keep your gutters clean is by flushing them regularly. 

Even though you should take the time to flush your gutters often, doing so thoroughly at the start of the summer has added advantages. For starters, you can remove any leftover pollen from late spring blossoms by summer flushing. 

These pollutants damage your gutters over time and lead to issues later. In other words, even if your gutters aren't clogged and don't need a thorough cleaning, a fast flush with the hose can still be helpful.

If you are too busy to do it yourself, hire a commercial plumber to do it for you. 

5. Tighten the Spikes

While this advice is valuable for all homeowners, it is especially crucial for those who live in regions with frequent snowfall. 

The weight of the accumulated snow will gradually strain on the attachment spikes and hangers holding the gutters to the facia. These spikes eventually become loose, which causes the gutters to droop or tilt away from the house. 

The load of compacted ice and snow can force the gutters to come loose and fall. Therefore, inspect your gutter spikes often during your cleaning routines and tighten them if necessary.

Some of these cases may even warrant gutter replacement in Melbourne

6. Clean Ice Dams

One more common problem with gutters is the ice dams. Online resources abound with ice dam removal and clearing advice, some of which are downright risky. So, caution is necessary before you try anything. 

First off, pouring hot water into an ice dam can be a successful means of removing it. But it is risky and can result in sliding, falling, and burning. 

Hence, it’s better to clear as much snow and ice as possible with a roof rake before covering the area with salt or ice melt. Although it takes longer, this method is significantly safer. However, keep in mind that salting your gutters regularly can erode the pipes; thus, apply it sparingly.

If the ice dams are stronger and difficult to deal with, consider hiring a 24/7 emergency plumbing service, as they will understand more ways to fix the problem. 

7. Examine for Downspout Clogs

In the winter, your downspouts may be susceptible to freezing and clogging. Sloppy cleaning during the previous fall is how they clog and freeze to the top. The gutter might even completely freeze over, forming an ice dam. 

Typically, the top or bottom of a downspout might get blocked. Use a roof rake to remove as much snow and ice as you can from topside clogs before adding salt or ice melt. Then, apply hot water to the outside of the spout until the ice melts, dislodges, and is pushed free to clear bottom blockages.


Keeping your gutters clean is essential for plumbing maintenance. Without it, a home can suffer severe water damage. We hope you keep our tips in mind and clean your gutters regularly. 

If you can’t make time for it, hire someone to do it for you. If you ask us, NLK Plumbing is a reliable name to consider. They have some of the best plumbers for everything ranging from gutter replacement to gas fittings in Melbourne. 


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