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Wood Dumbbells For Schutzhund Competitions

March 7, 2024

Dumbbells are an essential tool in increasing both the difficulty and effectiveness of strength training, whether as part of bodyweight workouts or weightlifting regimens. Dumbbells consist of small hand weights with weighted ends that are usually held by only one hand (unlike barbells). Different materials offer unique benefits and drawbacks.

Iron is a popular material for dumbbells, often wrapped with rubber for aesthetic and protective reasons as well as to safeguard floors and equipment. Rubber provides additional insulation properties which makes the dumbbells quieter and easier to grip when hands become sweaty; cast iron models can also be enclosed by plastic or urethane cases for additional insulation purposes.

Concrete dumbbells are another popular material choice, and can be produced to a range of weights. Concrete is more cost-effective than iron but lacks its strength; in order to increase it further, tie wire can be added into the mold to increase tensile strength while simultaneously strengthening and prolonging durability and lifespan.

Wooden dumbbells are an ideal choice for Schutzhund competitors, as they're safe for dogs to grip. Our hard maple wood dumbbells come either individually or as sets of three; all feature detailed shapes and painting for optimal product durability; they've even earned approval by FCI, CANA, UKC and IPO for use as competition standards!


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