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What Does a Logging Contractor Do?

February 19, 2023

What Does a Logger Do?

The primary job of a logging contractor is to help harvest, process and move wood from the forest to a mill. These professionals use a variety of machinery to cut down trees, remove limbs and logs, and transport them to the mill. They also handle a variety of other duties, including managing the forest and maintaining roads.

Some loggers work in a small crew, while others are part of larger teams. Regardless of their position, loggers must be able to work as a team in order to accomplish their jobs. This includes helping each other bear heavy loads, coordinating their workflows and setting goals together.

How Does a Logging Contractor Make Money?

Most logging contractors earn a salary that varies depending on the type of work they do. Some operators are self-employed, while others work for contracting companies that provide them with a specific job to do on someone else's land.

A logging contractor may be paid on a per-ton or per-hour basis, depending on the size of the operation and the type of work they perform. These rates are set by a written contract and should include the cost of logging, skidding and hauling.

How Do I Become a Logger?

To become a logging contractor, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. You can then enroll in a program at a community college or technical school to learn about the trade and gain experience. Most logging jobs expect candidates to have a minimum of two years' work experience, though some employers may hire entry-level employees with no experience at all.

You can also work for an employer who has a logging fleet and will pay you for the amount of work you do on their machines. You'll also receive a percentage of the profit made from any sales generated by the logging operations.

What Is the Job Outlook for Loggers?

The job outlook for logging professionals is fairly good, especially in regions that are known for their forestry work. The industry has a strong history of growth and will continue to grow as timber prices rise and landowners invest in regenerating the forest.

Some loggers are concerned about the future of their jobs because of the increasing number of aging logging professionals and the deteriorating economy. Despite this, logging is an excellent career option for people who want to work outdoors and be outside.

How Do I Become Dedicated to This Career?

To be a dedicated logging professional, you need to develop a commitment to this field and take pride in your work. You can do this by attending work training sessions, networking with loggers and learning about the industry.

What Is the Physical Demand of Being a Logger?

As a logging contractor, you must have the ability to carry and lift large amounts of weight, as you'll be operating equipment that can weigh up to 130,000 pounds. This requires a strong core, as well as stamina and strength to maneuver the equipment over rough terrain.


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