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Uram Park Russia

December 27, 2022

Uram Park is one of the best skateparks in Russia. It has everything for those who are looking for a good place to go skating, parkour, or even just to hang out with friends. It also has an airpark, training area for BMX riders, and a SWAP market where you can buy and sell your gear.


URAM Extreme Park is a public space in Kazan, Russia. It is the largest extreme park in Russia. In addition to a skate park, the facility offers a training area for BMX riders, a DJ school and an air park. The park is open to visitors all year round.

URAM Extreme Park is located under the Millenium Bridge. The design is minimalist and uses one type of material. For example, the facade is made of larch. Another highlight is the slide-able facade. This part of the pavilion is a two-story structure.

The rest of the interior of the main inner street is marked with a spatial grid of wall frames and lamps. To complement the building's aesthetics, mosaic panels were placed on the walls. They recall Soviet monumental art.

Besides the extreme sports facilities, URAM Extreme Park also offers a large number of social functions. For instance, a lecture hall, a fitness center, and an air park are available. Thousands of visitors come to the park each month.

Visitors are free to enter the park. However, special areas are closed to skaters. Riders must read the rules and write a receipt of responsibility.

The park was officially launched in Kazan. Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov inspected the facility. He stated that URAM would contribute to the biodiversity of the city. During his visit, he talked to athletes and toured competition venues. Athletes praised the quality of the facilities and infrastructure of the park.

The park is an ideal combination of high-class facilities and a unique aesthetics. Legato Sports Architecture, in collaboration with KOSMOS Architects, created the URAM Extreme Park. Upon completion in summer 2020, it will become the largest extreme park in Europe.


The Uram Extreme Park in Kazan is Russia's largest extreme park. It's also the first extreme park in the country that has skateable street furniture. Athletes and thrill seekers have crowned the site one of the best in the world.

Located under the Millenium Bridge, the Uram Extreme Park is a multifunctional public space, offering a wide variety of extreme sports facilities. Aside from the usual skatepark, the park also includes a DJ school, a dance hall, a recreation area and a lecture hall.

The park has been designed by KOSMOS Architects and Legato Sports Architecture. With its 1.9 hectares, it's also the largest extreme park in Russia.

There are eight zones in the park, each focusing on a specific extreme sport. In addition, there is a large children's area separated from the main airpark. Also, a concrete amphitheater is separate from the airpark. This is where athletes can relax after their training sessions.

The Uram Extreme Park has become a popular public space, attracting more visitors every day. Among the attractions are a skatepark, a dart trail and a full-fledged long run.

The pavillon for youth culture is a part of a chain of public areas in Kazan. It was commissioned by the government of Tatarstan. And it's a good thing that it's in the right location.

On Youth Day, the park was opened to the public. President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov was there to inspect the park. He talked to the athletes and commended its infrastructure.

Among the many experiences offered in the park are full-fledged long runs, a giant pamping track, a jump lane, a DJ school, a skate shop and a sandbox.

Air park

The Uram Extreme Park in Kazan, Russia is an extreme sports park that includes an airpark. It is a public space that has become one of the most popular in Europe. In addition to the airpark, it also features an extensive skate park. This public space attracts more visitors every day.

Located under the Millenium Bridge, the Extreme Park has an area of almost 8 thousand square meters. It has a unique design. It has eight different zones that offer various sports and cultural facilities. Each zone has its own distinctive look.

The main feature of the Extreme Park is its minimalistic architecture. Aside from the airpark, the building has a skate shop, a dance hall and a DJ school. There is also a gallery on the second floor, which allows spectators to watch the wooden airpark comfortably.

URAM Extreme Park has a total area of 1.9 hectares. It is located in Kazan, Russia, under the Millenium Bridge.

It was designed by KOSMOS Architects and Legato Sports Architecture. This park is the largest in Russia. It has an innovative design and a contrasting color scheme.

The exterior of the building is made from larch. The facade is painted red. It is also covered with a hard coating that does not emit harmful elements. Unlike other extreme parks, the Uram building has no fences. Instead, the facade is designed to invite pedestrian interaction.

The interior of the building has an industrial look. Materials used include plywood, reinforced glass and sheet metal. They give a raw and crude feel to the building.

Despite its modern design, the Uram Extreme Park is still a public space that is open for urban recreation. The park is a part of a broader ecological program in Kazan.

Training zone for BMX-riders

Uram Park Russia is an open extreme park built by Legato Sports Architecture. Its scale and complexity make it one of the most attractive public spaces in Europe. In addition to its sports facilities, the park is a cultural center.

Aside from its skate park, Uram also offers a dance hall and DJ school. The park has two floors that host multiple extreme sport zones. One of the zones is a training zone for BMX riders. Designed to train cyclists and increase their skill, the zone has a variety of features.

In addition to the skatepark, the Uram Extreme Sports Park includes a concrete skatepark, a wooden airpark, basketball courts and a training area for BMX riders. It's located along a pedestrian path between Gorky Park and the Kremlin.

An important component of the park's design is the facade, which consists of a minimalistic rectangular block of brushed stainless steel that is polished to a mirror shine. This facade reflects the sun and changes according to the weather. There are two parts to the facade: a flat one, which resembles industrial buildings in the city, and a climb-able part that is inspired by the slopes of the Millennium Bridge.

When the skate park was first constructed, builders rubbed concrete and poured shotcrete. To decorate the streets of the plaza, mosaic panels were used, which were inspired by Soviet monumental art.

Another feature is the concrete amphitheater, which is a great place to rest after training sessions. It's long enough to accelerate safely, and its unusual figures on the flat parts of the bowl allow players to practice their tricks.

As a result of its unique design, the Uram Extreme Park has become an essential part of the city's culture. Thousands of visitors come every month.

SWAP market

URAM (Universal Road Administration, a subsidiary of the Russian State Automobile Corporation ) has unveiled the URAM Extreme Park in Kazan, Russia. The park is the country's largest extreme park. It features a skatepark, an air park, a DJ school, and a center for contemporary music. At the same time, the URAM Extreme Park is also a great spot to relax. Located under the Millennium Bridge, the park has a lot of green spaces and high-class facilities.

While the URAM Extreme Park has only been open since June, it has already become a popular public space. Every month, it attracts thirteen thousand visitors. In the words of the city's Minister of Youth Affairs, it has the potential to be a "highlight" for the city of Kazan.

The park is located on a pedestrian route between Gorky Park and the Kremlin. It is designed by KOSMOS Architects and Legato Sports Architecture. The project was part of an ecological program that aimed to enhance the biodiversity of the city. Aside from the usual suspects, such as trees and shrubs, the park features a "parkour" area and two pump tracks.

Other fun facts about the URAM Extreme Park include the fact that it is the first public space in Russia to feature skateable street furniture. Its facade is made of larch. Also, the name of the park is derived from the Moscow "Pit", a legendary spot for athletes to train.

There's also a skateable flower bed. But the most impressive thing about the URAM is that the park is environmentally friendly. The hard coating it uses does not emit harmful chemicals. Moreover, the design features perennial plants that grow on the edges of the beds, making the whole experience a healthy one.


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