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Top Wineries in Los Angeles

March 10, 2024

While Napa and Sonoma garner most of the Golden State's wine-lovers' attention, Los Angeles boasts an equally impressive wine bar and restaurant scene with experts knowledgeable about new varietals as well as trendy natural wines or petillant naturels.

Angeleno Winery stands out among Los Angeles-area wineries by specializing in syrah. Their spacious tasting room in Brentwood makes an ideal spot to sip one of their award-winning varieties, which have received 90 to 100+ points from various publications. Angeleno also provides other varietals but their syrah is by far their most sought-after wine variety.

Angeleno employs an innovative winemaking process called vinification which blends vintages from different harvest years together in order to produce their wines, which offer more complexity and depth. Their flagship wine Angelica for example contains juice from 2021-2023 harvests to achieve an intricate yet balanced expression of grape varieties.

Summer Somewhere Winery in Los Angeles is another excellent option worth visiting, run by a husband-and-wife team with two labels: Malibu AVA fruit is used to craft their sparkling rose, while grapes from Northern California vineyards make Saddlerock label wines truly distinctive and worthwhile for wine enthusiasts seeking something out of the ordinary. Both labels should make for enjoyable visits for anyone searching for an unusual experience with their beverages! Both options make memorable wines for any wine-lover searching for something different and unique!

Cavaletti Winery in Los Angeles specializes in Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot production, founded by Patrick Kelley a former sales and marketing manager who is dedicated to building community through wine. They also carry an impressive selection of international wines as well as offering tasting room services featuring many local producers.


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