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The Eiffel Tower Apartment

February 24, 2024

eiffel tower apartment

The Eiffel Tower is an iconic landmark. However, few realize that architect Gustave Eiffel created a private apartment within its summit.

According to Atlas Obscura, this cozy residence was "furnished in the classic style popular among scientists. Soft chintz sofas and wooden cabinets created an inviting ambiance at an altitude of nearly 1,000 feet."

Living room

Eiffel's apartment, while small by today's standards, was an inviting refuge with areas for reflection, entertainment and experimentation. Decorated with wood furniture, paisley wallpaper and oil paintings; Eiffel welcomed visitors such as Thomas Edison to visit; however he never accepted offers to rent or buy his flat.

The living room is an elegant and welcoming space inspired by the Eiffel Tower, featuring solid parquet of precious woods on the floor and furniture from well-known designers.

This sun-kissed living space beckons light in from the south each day. Featuring a De Sede sofa and custom fireplace, this area boasts spectacular rooftop views across Paris while keeping windows open allows more daylight into the room.


Gustave Eiffel designed and oversaw the completion of the Eiffel Tower; upon its completion he set about creating himself an apartment at its summit that served as a private living quarters to entertain notable guests and conduct scientific experiments.

Eiffel's apartment became the source of much envy among Paris's social elites. Aristocrats vied with each other to rent it from Eiffel for an exorbitant sum; Eiffel used it as a venue to host visitors such as Thomas Edison who presented him with a newfangled phonograph!

Today, Eiffel and Edison's former apartment has become a tourist attraction open to anyone with tickets for the main observation deck. While still featuring modern metallic lattice work exposed in some parts, its cozy and romantic qualities come through via romantic touches such as paisley wallpaper, wood furniture, oil paintings, paisley patterns on wallpaper and wax figures of Eiffel and Edison that line its interior walls.


Lorsque word spread of an apartment located within the Eiffel Tower, Parisian high society became green with envy. They offered large sums for its rental; Gustave Eiffel refused out of preference for privacy. Instead he used the space for quiet reflection and entertaining distinguished visitors such as Thomas Edison who gave him one of his newly invented phonograph machines as gifts.

Though situated within close proximity to the Eiffel Tower's modern metallic lattice structure, the apartment was created as an independent space designed for entertainment, reflection and experimentation. Interior features include wood paneling and decorative paintings.

Luxury 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment With AC - Eiffel Tower is situated within five-minute walking distance of La Motte Picquet-Grenelle Metro Station and Swiss Village, plus both Musee d'Orsay Museum and Musee de l'Orangerie are only short drives away.


Eiffel never slept here, yet it was decorated to please him: with paisley wallpaper, wooden furniture and oil paintings to give the space an intimate and homey atmosphere that stood in contrast with all of its steel girders surrounding it.

Eiffel's lavish nest in the sky soon become a source of envy among Paris' elite, prompting several offers for him to rent it out, but instead preferred using it to entertain scientists and host brainy discussions - like hosting Thomas Edison who gave him an experimental sound recording device as a gift!

Today, Eiffel Tower visitors can gaze upon its apartment through a window and appreciate its mementoes of Eiffel, his daughter Claire and Edison mannequins - but thanks to a contest hosted by vacation rental site HomeAway, its apartment can now be enjoyed for one night by guests who enter.


As soon as it opened in 1889, Eiffel's tower drew in wealthy Parisians who visited its observation decks to take in city sights while watching Gustave Eiffel conduct scientific experiments on them. Additionally, Gustave Eiffel included within the design plans of his tower an apartment to act as his private retreat.

He used it to host guests such as Thomas Edison, who presented Eiffel with one of his phonographs. Once word got out about Eiffel's flat, there were numerous offers to rent it, which he turned down all without exception.

Maybe he wanted to avoid Paris society and use the space for scientific exploration instead, or simply believed science over social status; whatever its motivations, this small apartment atop one of the world's most well-known monuments remains an intriguing curiosity.


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