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SZA Concert - A Journey Through Intimate Emotions

February 27, 2024

At first glance, an arena may not seem the ideal setting for intimate music performances, yet SZA managed to reach many members of her audience through her deeply personal songs about heartbreak and self-doubt. A bright orange lifeboat floating above the crowd symbolized her sentiment that people sometimes find themselves lost amid emotions she sings about.

The Venue

The singer is truly remarkable when it comes to switching musical styles and communicating different emotions through song. She can move freely between piano ballads and hard beats rapping; and even when she's surrounded by dancers wearing baggy jeans and designer slogan T-shirts, her vocals cut through it all with delicate beauty.

At first, onstage screens projected an expanse of water before one was lifted up to reveal SZA sitting elevated above stage on a replica diving board from her SOS album cover. She sang through an unreleased opener PSA before making her descent back towards an LED-stacked shipwreck for Seek and Destroy.

SZA performed in an idyllic dock setting populated with four dancers who boogied to songs like Prom and Love Galore as SZA sang Prom and Love Galore songs, respectively. But the show's most compelling moment came when she donned an eye-catching hot-pink two-piece princess dress to climb on a life raft floating overhead before singing Good Days; an emotional song about finding peace within uncertainty.

The Setlist

SZA's discography is packed with emotive experiences spanning heartbreak and joy. Her SOS Tour provided audiences with that journey; beginning with SZA seated atop a diving board amidst video backdrops depicting an ocean setting for her performance.

After several songs, the screen lifted to reveal SZA and her dancers sailing a ship together. At the conclusion of "Low," however, it appeared as though their ship had disintegrated amid a violent storm.

From there, SZA and her band presented an entrancing array of her classic tracks from "Doves in the Wind" to the more energetic "Shirt," featuring special guests Phoebe Bridgers, Cardi B, Summer Walker and Lizzo among many more. It was truly an unforgettable night that left audience members feeling inspired and exhilarated!

The Performances

SZA delivered an unforgettable performance, effortlessly captivating her audience with captivating stories, flawless vocals and high energy. Her amazing range brought new dimensions to her songs while she masterfully managed to fit 31 songs into the set without making anyone feel rushed or pressured into doing them all at once.

SZA and her crew excelled at visuals as well, creating optical illusions that were both stunning and imaginative. Opening act Omar Apollo kicked things off by performing on a diving board; SZA then performed Seek & Destroy from Seek & Destroy aboard a barge which seemed to float across the sea.

At one point during Travis Scott-assisted track Love Galore, however, SZA's sound went out and she had to go backstage to fix it. Despite this technical setback, however, she still managed to recover gracefully and complete the song with poise; throughout her performance she displayed her ability to switch musical styles seamlessly and convey an array of emotional states from anguish through exultation, self-doubt, and anger.

The Final Words

SZA's concert was an artistic journey filled with captivating aesthetics and artistry that perfectly complimented her powerful vocal ability, creating an experience felt by every audience member in attendance.

SZA's voice and production was something special that elevated her beyond just another R&B star. Her songs feel like glimpses into your diary during times when you feel completely out-of-control, such as her character "F2F." And when times get tough and vulnerable, her music hits hard, reminding you of past pain.

SZA held her audience captivated throughout her set, even during quick costume changes. For her final act she took them on an epic lifeboat ride from sea to lighthouse as an HD video screen projected stormy seas and shipwreck scenes; an appropriate finale for an evening that celebrated both her latest album as well as the soulful masterpiece she first released back in 2010.


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