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Storer House: A Modernist Masterpiece in Los Angeles

May 24, 2023

Storer House: A Modernist Masterpiece in Los Angeles

The Storer House is considered to be one of the most iconic examples of modernist architecture in Los Angeles. It was built in 1923 by the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and it remains a stunning example of his unique style and approach to design.


The Storer House was commissioned by John Storer, a prominent Los Angeles businessman, and his wife, Helen. Wright was hired to design a home that would reflect the couple's love of nature and their commitment to modernism.

Wright used his signature style of "organic architecture" to design the Storer House, which is characterized by its use of natural materials and its integration with the surrounding environment. The home was designed to maximize the use of natural light and to create a sense of flow between the interior and exterior spaces.


The Storer House is a prime example of Wright's use of geometric shapes and asymmetrical design. The home is built into a hillside, which allowed Wright to create a multi-level design that takes full advantage of the site's natural contours.

The exterior of the home is clad in horizontal redwood boards, which are complemented by large windows and a flat roof. The home's interior features Wright's signature use of open spaces and natural materials, including redwood, brick, and concrete.

The Storer House is also known for its stunning views of the surrounding city and mountains. Wright designed the home's windows and terrace to frame these views, creating a sense of connection between the home and its natural surroundings.


The Storer House has become a beloved symbol of modernist architecture in Los Angeles, and it is often visited by students of architecture and art. In 1971, the home was designated as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, and in 2008 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Visiting the Storer House

While the Storer House is a private residence and is not open to the public, visitors can admire its stunning exterior from the street. The home is located in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, and it is easily accessible by car or bus.


The Storer House is a true masterpiece of modernist architecture, and it continues to inspire and captivate visitors from around the world. With its stunning views, innovative use of materials and light, and unique integration with its natural surroundings, the Storer House remains one of Los Angeles' most beloved architectural treasures.

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