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Solgaard Reviews - The Endeavor by Solgaard

April 7, 2023

Solgaard is an eco-friendly design company that prioritizes durability and functionality while using recycled materials. Their bags boast a 10-year warranty, plus there are various styles and sizes to fit any traveler's needs.

Their collection offers suitcases, backpacks, luggage sets and other travel essentials made with recycled polycarbonate shells that are built to withstand the rigors of travel.

One of their best-selling designs is the Carry-On Closet Plus, a suitcase with built-in shelves to make it easier to locate items when traveling. It features USB charging ports for devices and durable polycarbonate shells to protect items inside without risk of damage.

Another popular bag design is the Lifepack Endeavor with closet, which offers all of the convenience of a carry-on but also has an adjustable closet to organize your clothes. Plus, its durable Shore-TexTM fabric can handle everyday abuse without fail.

The Lifepack Endeavor with closet is specifically designed to organize and carry both "work" and "lifestyle" gear, keeping everything within easy reach at all times. Plus, it's super-comfy to wear with its integrated solar slot for power banks or boomboxes so you never run out of battery while on-the-go!

Padding has not been compromised in this pack - the back panel is covered with padding to provide a comfortable carry even when carrying heavy loads. The straps have also been bulked out so they can accommodate a full day of backpacking and are padded around the shoulder blades for extra comfort.

This backpack is an excellent investment and perfect for urban or travel-savvy adventurers. It's spacious with plenty of pockets to store a variety of items.

Traveling with a laptop? The Lifepack is an ideal option due to its built-in drop proof storage and anti-theft feature. Plus, its spacious interior allows you to store everything necessary for the entire trip in one convenient place.

Furthermore, its stylish design will surely catch attention in any crowd. Furthermore, it's ideal for anyone wanting to travel light and minimal footprint as it only weighs 3.5 pounds when empty and 6.5 when full.

The bag is incredibly durable and designed to withstand the rigors of travel, meaning you can count on it lasting for years. Furthermore, its price point makes it incredibly appealing; offering all its features at an unbeatable value.

For an ideal travel bag, Solgaard's Lifepack Endeavor with closet is worth considering. Crafted from durable Shore-TexTM fabric and featuring drop-proof laptop storage as well as a removable closet to organize clothing on the go, this backpack also has an integrated power bank and is water resistant - making it the ideal choice for travelers.


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