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Soho Warehouse in Los Angeles

December 21, 2022

The Soho Warehouse in Los Angeles is an entertainment hub like no other. It offers guests a luxurious and exclusive experience that combines vibrant music, creative cuisine, stylish interiors and engaging events for both locals and tourists alike. Every experience at the SoHo Warehouse is mindfully crafted to bring friends together for a night of modern fun. From its cutting edge light system to its on site recording studio and open mic nights, this venues has something special that makes visitors never want to leave. Offering top-notch service from knowledgeable bartenders and staff, along with signature dishes to enjoy while immersed in the upbeat sounds of the night, an evening spent at the Soho Warehouse is guaranteed to not be forgotten anytime soon.

House Kitchen

If you're planning a trip to Los Angeles, the Soho Warehouse is a hotel you might want to check into. The former warehouse was built in 1916. It's situated in the arts district of downtown LA. As a result, the building features a mix of Art Deco and '70s style design.

Aside from a snazzy pool, the Soho Warehouse also offers a rooftop bar and an outdoor garden. There's plenty of seating. And it's all part of a hip and creative vibe.

For guests interested in getting into the gym, there are two levels of fitness. In addition, the hotel's large rooms feature custom-made furniture that blends Art Deco with playful '70s designs.

What's more, the hotel also has a "signature" house kitchen. House Kitchen serves elevated American comfort food and is known for its thoughtful service and high-touch approach.

Other impressive amenities include a rooftop bar, two-level fitness center, and 48 guestrooms. To top it all off, the property boasts an outdoor garden showcasing olive trees.

Art by local artists

Art by local artists in Soho Warehouse reflects the creative spirit that runs through the Arts District. The neighborhood, which has been transformed from a gritty and industrial area to a cultural hub, is home to a variety of artistic and cultural experiences. It is also one of the best spots in LA for high-end dining and shopping.

A new hotel in downtown Los Angeles called the Soho Warehouse takes inspiration from two different styles. One is the Art Deco era of L.A.'s 1920s, which is evident throughout the building's decor. Another is 1970s style furnishings, as seen in the outdoor pool area.

Soho House has created a unique blend of vintage and custom furnishings. In the building, for example, there are wood tables, leather stools, and exposed ductworks. Taking cues from the two styles, Soho House designed the furniture and decor to be a reflection of both the historic building and the modern community.

In-room shopping

Soho Warehouse is a members-only club that recently opened its third property in Los Angeles. The club boasts a 50-foot rooftop pool, two restaurants, and 48 hotel rooms. It also acts as a co-working space.

Soho Warehouse is located at Santa Fe Avenue and Bay Street in the Arts District. It's part of a nine-story office and retail building. This location is ideal for attracting creative types. There are 110 live-work units nearby.

The club features a 30-foot mosaic bar. Also, the club is accessible to Soho Friends, a membership program that offers access to all of Soho's properties. These include Soho House, Soho Hotel, and Soho Studios.

In addition to the gym, there's a rooftop terrace with a pool and a view of LA's skyscrapers. But what exactly are the benefits of a membership to this exclusive club?

As of now, details on the project are sparse. However, Soho Warehouse will be open to its Founder-level members on September 30, and the rest of the public will get their hands on the place on October 14.

Aside from being the first London-based members-only club in the West Coast, the warehouse reportedly has other fun things to offer. Among them are a "garden," or in-room shopping, which features a capsule collection of goodies from local designers like Ssense and Rhude.

Rooftop pool

Soho House is opening a new location in downtown Los Angeles, which will be the third in the brand's West Coast portfolio. Located on the southern tip of the Arts District in Santa Fe Avenue, the hotel will offer a mix of luxury rooms, a rooftop pool, and a gym. It will also be the brand's biggest location in North America.

The hotel is designed for Los Angeles' creative community. Guests will be able to enjoy a variety of amenities including two restaurants, a gym, a rooftop pool, and a lounge.

The interiors of the building are a fusion of art deco and '70s style designs. Street art and graffiti are present throughout. One of the walls features an 18-by-6-foot acrylic mural by Australian artist Paul Davies.

Each room is designed like an artist's loft. SSENSE, a global fashion house, created a capsule collection for the hotel. Guests will also have access to the Soho Active gym, which offers a split-level facility that includes a sauna, steam bath, and a cardio area.


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