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Small Living Room Ideas With TV

March 17, 2024

No matter if you live in a studio apartment or small family home, designing your living room around your TV is essential for creating an entertaining and relaxing space. Careful consideration must go into selecting furniture pieces and storage solutions to achieve an ideal look without compromises - from TV placement to seating arrangements, these small living room ideas with TV will provide some ideas to bring life to your own space!

TikTok users have taken to camouflaging their TV as an engaging trend that allows them to tuck it away while still using it as the centerpiece of their room. To recreate this look, mount your television on a wall and frame it using canvas artwork or art frames; two larger prints could even be hung either side for added symmetry. A black wall can help lessen its apparent frame further while dark paint colors soften its presence even more.

As another great solution for hiding your TV, encasing it with shelving can also provide a stylish way of hiding its presence - providing storage for books or favorite decor pieces in your home. For an eye-catching finish, paint the shelving a striking shade that contrasts with the color scheme of your room; dark colors make book spines really pop while helping reduce television presence.

Alternatively, if your room lacks the space to support a media wall, simply secure your flat screen to the wall with floating shelves above and below it for a clean-lined, minimalist aesthetic and free up floor space for other purposes - this makes an effective yet simple solution that you can adjust according to your own design preferences - such as for white living rooms which may benefit from darker painted shelves while monochrome bedrooms might benefit more from pale or metallic hues in its floating shelves.

Alternately, you could build an entire false wall to serve as a built-in media unit and place your TV within. With DIY Master genes onboard, this project is relatively easy and looks extremely stylish once finished; Neptune offers this bespoke wall in rich navy blue to blend in perfectly with their room and features an attractive curved profile that helps soften its impact on the room.

Another great solution for rooms with lots of natural light is hiding your TV behind a bookcase so it won't immediately catch your eye as soon as you enter. This can really brighten the look of your room while making its contents seem more organized and neater; additionally, this solution makes more compact spaces more manageable when fitting a media cabinet into them.


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