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Selecting Metal Kitchen Cabinets

February 11, 2024

No matter their function in a hotel kitchen or their presence in the luxurious cooking areas of hyper-luxe homes, metal kitchen cabinets make an eye-catching statement in any space. Though their industrial reputation might put people off initially, selecting materials and finishes carefully can make this style work well with any design scheme - such as budget constraints, durability needs or ease of care needs when selecting this style for your home.

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets remain the go-to material, but there are other choices available to cater to different tastes and decor preferences. Copper has an inviting warmth that pairs beautifully with rustic decors while aluminum offers more of a contemporary edge that blends well into contemporary kitchen designs. Finishes also make a difference; Brushed, matte and satin finishes conceal fingerprints more effectively, conveying subtlety and sophistication; while polished metal requires frequent wiping due to watermarks or other marks appearing more clearly over time.

Professional installation of metal cabinets is advised for optimal alignment and secure mounting, to avoid alignment errors or mounting inconsistencies. When selecting a contractor, ensure they have experience installing this type of cabinetry as well as corrosion-resistant fasteners. Clean your metal cabinets regularly with mild soap and water to avoid etching, pitting or staining and never use harsh cleaners such as steel wool scouring pads as these may damage their surface and leave water spots or streaks behind after each cleaning session.


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