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S.T Dupont Pens

March 29, 2024

Typically ships within 1-3 business days.

The Line D pen by Artisans Line D is an exquisite writing experience. Crafted by skilled artisans from brass with natural lacquer finishes that are scratch resistant and scratch-resistance; then given an extra depth and sheen by having back urushi lacquer applied back urushi style; also featuring Dupont's Blazon Signature on articulated clip and D initial as cap jewel!

Luxury and Refinement

Luxury pens aren't simply writing instruments - they are works of art, coveted collectibles treasured by pen enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Crafted with premium materials and exquisite craftsmanship, S.T. Dupont pens represent an elegant blend of art, functionality and heritage.

S.T. Dupont first came into being in 1872 as a leatherwork company, crafting customized travel trunks and briefcases for Europe's elite from nobility, diplomats, businessmen, diplomats and businesswomen. Thanks to its precision mechanisms and jewellery-grade finishes, its products quickly became go-to writing instruments among luxury brands and high profile figures alike.

The Defi Millenium epitomizes the brand's sleek yet sporty aesthetic, with its hooded nib and bold combination of materials making an impressive piece of equipment. The sculpted clips and cap evoke swordlike lines while its gold section and broad barrel band add to its regal allure - while compression fit ensures secure handling.

Made in France

When buying an expensive pen made in France, you can feel good about supporting local producers while helping local economies. Unfortunately, there's some confusion around what it means for a product to carry a "Made in France" label; websites such as marques-de-france[14] and natiif-creatif[15] list products bearing this tag that do not comply with French regulations on geographic indications.

Since 1973, when they made their initial foray into luxury writing instruments at Jackie Kennedy's request with their ballpoint pen designed specifically to match her S.T. Dupont lighter, the brand has continued to develop and innovate by offering new finishes and designs.

The result is an exquisite yet functional range of pens that is both luxurious and refined, crafted from fine materials with expert engineering that creates the smoothest writing experiences imaginable - with designs like Line D collection designed specifically to accommodate female hands for optimal writing experiences.

Suitable for Everyday Use

No matter the purpose, from signing documents or journaling to simply enjoying the act of writing, a S.T. Dupont pen are an elegant blend of practicality and beauty. Crafted with precision for lasting comfort in hand, every stroke becomes an opportunity for refined luxury writing experience.

From fountain pens and rollerballs to the timeless allure of fountain pens and their precision rollerball counterparts, each style showcases the brand's commitment to excellence - including their iconic "Fire-head" guilloche guilloche designed in tribute to Louvre museum and its glass pyramid entrance.

The Defi Brown Leather Fountain Pen is both sleek and strong. Boasting ergonomic lines, its sturdy metal skeleton, palladium-plated nib, and distinguished yet contemporary styling will impress both professional users as well as casual ones. Also available as rollerball form.

What Makes a S.T. Dupont Pen?

Dupont may be best known for their luxurious lighters, but in the pen world they are equally esteemed for their beautiful lacquers and exquisite design. One such pen is the Dupont Line D Gold Dust which showcases this combination in perfect fashion - featuring deep red lacquer with palladium trim and an exquisite 14k gold medium nib.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis requested the creation of the Line D pen at her request; its popularity has made its successor, Neo-Classique pens still widely produced today in both fountain and rollerball versions.

An S.T. Dupont pen stands out from its peers by being lightweight, comfortable to hold, and perfectly balanced compared with most modern plastic pens which tend to be thick and bulky. Their gold nibs glide smoothly across paper leaving behind a trail of precision and grace - even their distinctive "click" when closing the cap adds another delightful detail!



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