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Princess Kitchen Set From Disney

February 12, 2024

With these adorable princess kitchen sets, children can pretend to cook and serve customers while playing pretend. Kids can use these kitchens to run their own bakery or restaurant and even use it as a place for their dolls to gather. JustaBXgirl loves hers and uses it as both a bakery and restaurant where her baby dolls, barbie dolls and Disney Princesses gather. Sometimes her friends join her there too for playdates!

Disney's Princess Kitchen Set comes equipped with sleek, contemporary design and high-tech play features to delight young girls. This Gourmet Smart Kitchen brings play cooking to an entirely new level, featuring seven feature appliances that respond to children's actions with lights, sounds and phrases. The dishwasher makes noise as it cleans, the stove emits boiling and frying sounds when boiling water and the oven turns on and makes sounds when baking is time. Other interesting details include a sink that makes water noise when its handle is turned, a fan that blows air when pressed, and a refrigerator that shows when its door has been open with light and sound signals. Plus this Princess kitchen includes over 20 accessories including cooking utensils, service for two, food items - and more! Bon Appetit!

Kazami Najika is an orphan who takes great pleasure in cooking as she knows that food can show people you care. She sets out on an ambitious journey to find her Flan Prince and prove that she can create truly delectable desserts.


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