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Prefab Homes Under $100k in Wisconsin

April 1, 2024

Prefabricated homes offer first-time homeowners an ideal option, as these houses tend to be less costly than their stick-built counterparts. But there are certain costs you should take into consideration before purchasing a prefab house, including land price, site preparation cost and utilities arrangement as well as foundation costs.

Wisconsin is home to several manufacturers of prefab, modular, and kit homes; two notable manufacturers include Totally Unique Cabins and Mini Mansions.


Prefabricated homes offer an economical way to explore Wisconsin wilderness without breaking the bank. Constructed from portable materials, prefab homes can serve both as vacation or office space depending on how portable the foundation requirements are in your locality. It's important that before making a purchase decision, local building codes and foundation requirements must be considered carefully as well as getting necessary building permits in place.

Hummingbird Tiny Homes provides several models of their tiny houses, including their Luxury 40 model. This home includes an eye-catching custom hummingbird mural over its soaker tub and electric fireplace in its living area; in addition, these homes also boast maple flooring and walnut cabinets, with pricing estimates between $303 to $414 per square foot.

Tiny Pacific Homes

The company offers several prefab homes on wheels, including its most popular models such as Mauna Kea and Ko'olau models. Each features side entry access for ease of living room usage while Ko'olau boasts double sleeping loft and stairs for convenient sleeping accommodations.

Tiny Pacific Houses' designers first encountered the tiny house movement while volunteering for Opportunity Village in Oregon. Later, they launched a business to introduce this concept in Hawaii where living in small homes on wheels can be more challenging due to zoning regulations.

Their towable tiny houses are ANSI certified and come with a one-year warranty, while also offering customizable features.

Totally Unique Cabins

Modular homes differ from traditional homebuilding by being constructed off-site in a factory, enabling faster construction times and lower property taxes; plus mortgages on manufactured homes are easier to obtain.

Attaining the necessary permits is key in building a prefab home. These licenses are issued by local or county government agencies and mandate compliance with specific construction and safety standards.

Totally Unique Cabins of Wisconsin is an innovative company that crafts prefab tiny homes on wheels for ease of moving around your property and includes all necessary electrical fixtures - making these houses the ideal way to escape everyday stressors and find peace.

Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders

This company designs and builds some of the highest-quality prefab homes on wheels available today, making them ideal for use as ADUs, studio apartments or guest houses. Furthermore, they provide extensive customization options to their customers.

Permitting is an integral component of building a prefab home, as they ensure it complies with local building and safety codes while simultaneously saving both time and money by expediting construction processes.

Tiny home builders on wheels can often assist their clients in acquiring financing options, which may be ideal for people wanting a small space but lacking enough funds to cover mortgage payments.

Maverick Tiny Homes

Maverick Tiny Homes is a NOAH-certified designer and builder of tiny houses. Specializing in farmhouse-inspired builds with contemporary farmhouse flair, they aim to accelerate the tiny home movement locally through advocacy work. Custom-designed THOWs from Maverick Tiny Homes come standard with pine shiplap walls, cellulose wall insulation, wood framing foam floor insulation, vinyl-insulated windows and SmartSide board and batten siding as standard features.

They offer an assortment of custom bars, accents and tables made from natural materials that can be tailored specifically to meet your needs and specifications. Perfect for any home--small or large--or outdoor settings alike, their rustic charm adds charm wherever they're used.

Modern Tiny Living Pre-Designed Homes

Modern Tiny Living specializes in building eco-friendly prefab homes. Their designs feature unique elements like flat-front cabinetry and midcentury furnishings. Additionally, custom designed cabinets meet the needs of people with mobility limitations; furthermore they also provide access solutions such as wet rooms and hoist tracks.

Wheel Pad's modular living spaces offer another viable choice for Wisconsin tiny houses, featuring wet rooms, hoist tracks, and appliance heights that meet ADA compliance.

Permits are necessary when building a prefab home in Wisconsin, and typically involve consulting with local officials and engaging a reputable contractor to obtain these permits.


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