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Mid Century Pianos

January 10, 2023

Baldwin Acrosonic

The Baldwin Acrosonic was one of the most popular pianos of the mid-20th century. It was based on a design by renowned American architect and illustrator, Walter Dorwin Teague. A classicist and entrepreneur, Teague was a huge influence on mid-century modernism.

The Baldwin Acrosonic has a warm walnut finish and delicate cane panels. It features angled legs and brass hardware. This model is highly sought after, and commands a high price when it becomes available. You can find it on Euro Piano Naples.

If you are looking for a modern piano with a Danish styled cabinet, you may want to consider the Echo(tm) by Euro Piano Naples. This piano is inspired by the 1960s Baldwin Acrosonic. But it has a bigger soundboard, longer strings, and modern piano action. As such, it suits any playing level.

The Danish Modern style was one of the rarest Acrosonic cabinet designs. While it's a favorite among collectors, it's also one of the least affordable. However, it has recently become quite valuable, and can now fetch several thousand dollars.

The Euro Piano Naples Echo is slightly taller than the Baldwin and comes with a larger soundboard. It is also made from a darker teak wood, and comes with castors and covers. Like the Baldwin, it also includes a matching stool.

The Teague Sketch 1111 is another piece of mid-century modern art that you can enjoy. The design was conceived to commemorate Steinway & Sons' 100th anniversary in 1953. It is a masterpiece. It features pops of color, a tilting neck, and profiled feet. Also, it has a heavy metal base, which echoes the original Mid Century piano lamp.

Another piano to consider is the Donner DDP-80 digital piano. This piano has minimal controls, and its cabinet is vintage and sleek. You can even purchase it with a matching bench, and you can connect it to your smartphone or tablet. Not only is this piano stylish, but it is also a good value.

If you're looking for a new and modern piano that looks great in any room, you can't go wrong with the Donner DDP-80. It is a great option for anyone who wants a stylish and affordable piano, and it's available with a matching foot pedal.

There are many other styles of mid-century pianos out there, and you'll probably find a model that suits your tastes. Just be sure to buy a lead test kit to ensure that the piano you're buying is not contaminated with lead. Test multiple spots, and do not be afraid to contact the seller if you have questions.

In addition to the classic designs, there are plenty of newer pianos to consider. Privia's PX-S7000, for example, is a contemporary take on the iconic Hohner Clavinet D6 design. It has a Smart Hybrid Hammer Action key system that replicates the natural hammer behavior of each individual key. It's also been equipped with a Multi-Dentrix AiR Sound Source, which brings out the subtle mechanical sounds of an acoustic piano.


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